The 2015 Hockomock Football All Stars & HMs

Below are the official Hockomock League Football All Stars, selected by the coaches in the league.

Kelley-Rex MVP

Nick Morrison, North Attleboro

Hockomock Kelley-Rex All Stars

Kyle Murphy, Attleboro
Brendan Nunes, Attleboro
Alex Silva, Attleboro
Brian Letourneau, Attleboro
Luke Gordon, Franklin
James Cooke, King Philip
Billy Dittrich, King Philip
Josh Schafer, Mansfield
Connor Finerty, Mansfield
Hunter Ferreira, Mansfield
Nick Morrison, North Attleboro
Bobby Mylod, North Attleboro
Josh Morrison, North Attleboro
Chad Peterson, North Attleboro
Connor Flynn, North Attleboro
Carlos Borrero, Taunton

Honorable Mentions

Sean Donnelly, Attleboro
Nick Yelle, Franklin
John DeLuca, King Philip
Nicholas Martin, Mansfield
Kyle Gaumond, North Attleboro
Connor Briggs, Taunton

Davenport MVP

Jake Ragusa, Canton

Hockomock Davenport All Stars

Jake Ragusa, Canton
Joe Bires, Canton
Woanyen Mahn, Canton
Austin Ryan, Foxboro
Connor Downs, Foxboro
Connor McNamara, Foxboro
Ronnie Martin, Foxboro
Zach Lanzetta, Milford
Blake Hill, Milford
Connor Moroney, Oliver Ames
Matt Cancian, Sharon
Jake Gibb, Stoughton
Matt Soto, Stoughton
Guy Eddy, Stoughton
Ryan Sullivan, Stoughton
Donnie Foley, Stoughton

Honorable Mentions

Mack Brown, Canton
James Blake, Foxboro
Jack DeSantis, Milford
Ryan McCarthy, Oliver Ames
Tyler Smith, Sharon
Matt Medina, Stoughton

Ryan Lanigan
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