Hockomock Girls Swim Championships – 2023 Results

Hockomock girls swim

Below are the full team results and the top six finishes from each individual race.

Hockomock girls swim

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Team Results

1. Franklin – 406
2. Attleboro – 252
3. Canton – 240
4. King Philip – 215
5. Foxboro – 212
6. Taunton – 163
7. Sharon – 142
8. Mansfield – 129
9. Milford – 102
10. North Attleboro – 101
11. Oliver Ames – 92

Race Results

200 Yard Medley Relay
1. Franklin (Harikalal Birali, Christine Tang, Hope Xayveth, Emma Ferreira) – 1:53.78**
2. Canton (Kelley Harney, Shauna Harney, Annie McLean, Olivia Hickey) – 1:59.77
3. Attleboro (Zuri Ferguson, Abbigael Rodrigues, Sydney Dorval, Carolien Lynch-Bartek) – 2:00.63
4. Foxboro (Megan Lathrop, Abby Gallagher, Ava Gallagher, Molly Lockwood) – 2:04.94
5. King Philip (Madelyn Cleasby, Flannery Miller, Rachel Bailer, Lauren Klein) – 2:05.14
6. Sharon (Molly Angaian, Avital Gerts, Feining Huang, Kat Chavez) – 2:09.14

200 Yard Free
1. Zuri Ferguson, Attleboro – 1:54.22**
2. Addison MacDonald, Mansfield – 2:00.79
3. Sydney Bourgeois, Franklin – 2:05.90
4. Abby Gallagher, Foxboro – 2:06.12
5. Keeley Harney, Canton – 2:07.92
6. Ashley Desroches, Franklin – 2:09.26

200 Yard IM
1. Shauna Harvey, Canton – 2:15.01
2. Christine Tang, Franklin – 2:16.42
3. Flannery Miller, King Philip – 2:19.35
4. Megan Lathrop, Foxboro – 2:19.61
5. Feining Huang, Sharon – 2:20.35
6. Ava Gallagher, Foxboro – 2:27.29

50 Yard Free
1. Annie McLean, Canton – 25.87
2. Emma Ferreira, Franklin – 26.52
3. Abigail Fernandes, Taunton – 27.77
4. Sarah Wengal, Milford – 27.89
5. Caroline Clifford, Franklin – 28.14
6. Lauren Klein, King Philip – 28.53

100 Yard Butterfly
1. Hope Xayaveth, Franklin – 57.14**
2. Megan Lathrop, Foxboro – 1:02.39
3. Annie McLean, Canton – 1:02.46
4. Feining Huang, Sharon – 1:02.54
5. Ava Gallagher, Foxboro – 1:06.40
6. Keegan Wright, Franklin 1:09.41

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100 Yard Free
1. Harikalal Birali, Franklin – 56.13
2. Keeley Harney, Canton – 56.28
3. Emma Ferreira, Franklin – 57.35
4. Madelyn Cleasby, King Philip – 1:00.53
5. Kat Chavez, Sharon – 1:00.67
6. Caroline Lynch-Bartek, Attleboro – 1:01.44

500 Yard Free
1. Addison MacDonald, Mansfield – 5:21.67
2. Sydney Bourgeois, Franklin – 5:33.91
3. Abby Gallagher, Foxboro – 5:34.45
4. Ashely Desroches, Franklin – 5:42.36
5. Molly Lockwood, Foxboro – 5:48.05
6. Avital Gerts, Sharon – 5:50.38

200 Yard Free Relay
1. Attleboro (Caroline Lynch-Bartek, Sydney Dorval, Ava Dougherty, Zuri Ferguson) – 1:49.98
2. Franklin (Caroline Clifford, Ashley Desroches, Christine Tang, Sydney Bourgeois) – 1:50.50
3. Taunton (Abigail Fernandes, Mile Dafov, Megan Viveiros, Tiffany Ye) – 1:55.00
4. North Attleboro (Cassie Hobson, Megan Atwood, Mallory Burns, Sophia Roukhadze) – 2:02.63
5. Milford (Sarah Wengal, Brighid Howland, Madelyn Stochaj, Vedi Raval) – 2:04.09
6. Oliver Ames (Paige Gray, Olivia Poliseno, Addison McDonough, Ashley Powers) – 2:04.22

100 Yard Backstroke
1. Zuri Ferguson, Attleboro – 55.60**
2. Harikalal Birali, Franklin – 1:00.56
3. Shauna Harney, Catnon – 1:02.63
4. Tiffany Ye, Taunton – 1:05.29
5. Madelyn Cleasby, King Philip – 1:06.94
6. Atina Lee, Canton – 1:07.88

100 Yard Breaststroke
1. Hope Xavayeth, Franklin – 1:09.03
2. Flannery Miller, King Philip – 1:11.49
3. Christine Tang, Franklin – 1:12.76
4. Avital Gerts, Sharon – 1:19.67
5. Madison Lawlor, Franklin – 1:20.58
6. Abbigael Rodrigues, Attleboro – 1:21.52

400 Yard Free Relay
1. Franklin (Harikalal Birali, Sydney Bourgeois, Emma Ferreira, Hope Xavayeth) – 3:48.89
2. Foxboro (Darrah Bertumen, Abby Gallagher, Megan Lathrop, Ava Gallagher) – 4:04.19
3. King Philip (Rachel Bailer, Madelyn Cleasby, Lauren Klein, Flannery Miller) – 4:07.70
4. Sharon (Kat Chavez, Sophia Scott, Avital Gers, Feining Huang) – 4:12.18
5. Canton (Caitlyn Reynolds, Tema Mazonson, Julianne Gilchrist, Atina Lee) – 4:15.10
6. Attleboro (Natalie Kotnisz, Genny Chace, Abbigael Rodrigues, Ava Dougherty) – 4:17.70

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Hockomock Boys Swim Championships – 2023 Results

Hockomock boys swim

Below are the full team results and the top six finishes from each individual race.

Hockomock boys swim

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Team Results

1. Sharon – 376
2. Attleboro – 357
3. Milford – 249
4. Canton – 246.5
5. Franklin – 187
6. Foxboro – 155
7. Mansfield – 118
8. Taunton – 115
9. Oliver Ames – 97.5
10. North Attleboro – 88
11. Stoughton – 63
12. King Philip – 1

Race Results

200 Yard Medley Relay
1. Attleboro (Connor Coleman, Ben Connors, Ryan Connors, Angad Ahluwalia) – 1:43.41
2. Sharon (David Bai, Ray Luo, Michael Wang, Brac Buffa) – 1:47.93
3. Milford (Corey Rattray, Ben Pezza, Josh Anderson, Aaron McIsaac) – 1:51.17
4. Canton (Hunter Rice, Matthew Hart, Charlie Smith, Talis Veidis) – 1:54.54
5. Foxboro (Bennett Franciosi, Matthew Rochford, Evan Stein, Joshua Nelson) – 2:00.48
6. Mansfield (Xavier Gwynne, Cornelius Dalpe, Jack Friedman, Trevor Schwartz) – 2:03.49

200 Yard Free
1. Ryan Connors, Attleboro – 1:53.21
2. Ben Pezza, Milford – 2:00.14
3. Oliver McCarthy, Franklin – 2:02.35
4. Josh Anderson, Milford – 2:05.75
5. Justin Hsu, Sharon – 2:09.25
6. Howell Braillard, North Attleboro – 2:11.08

200 Yard IM
1. Ben Connors, Attleboro – 2:05.77
2. Gerald Grealish, Taunton – 2:09.91
3. Michael Wang, Sharon – 2:10.64
4. Evan Stein, Foxboro – 2:12.86
5. Bennett Franciosi, Foxboro – 2:17.08
6. Ethan Fielder, Milford – 2:20.45

50 Yard Free
1. David Bai, Sharon – 21.67**
2. Talis Veidis, Catnon – 23.37
3. Angad Ahluwalia, Attleboro – 23.59
4. Aaron McIsaac, Milford – 24.55
5. Ray Luo, Sharon – 25.17
6. Arthur Do, Sharon – 25.22

100 Yard Butterfly
1. Ryan Connors, Attleboro – 53.13**
2. Michael Wang, Sharon – 57.52
3. Brac Buffa, Sharon – 59.57
4. Xavier Gwynne, Mansfield – 1:01.39
5. S. Miller Wasif, Franklin – 1:01.81
6. Aaron McIsaac, Milford – 1:03.09

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100 Yard Free
1. Talis Veidis, Canton – 51.89
2. Evan Stein, Foxboro – 51.97
3. Angad Ahluwalia, Attleboro – 52.49
4. Brian Wang, Oliver Ames – 52.58
5. Corey Rattray, Milford – 54.45
6. Andrew Raynus, Sharon – 54.96

500 Yard Free
1. Brac Buffa, Sharon – 5:23.02
2. Connor Coleman, Attleboro – 5:23.69
3. Bennett Franciosi, Foxboro – 5:35.11
4. Josh Anderson, Milford – 5:41.84
5. Hunter Rice, Canton – 5:51.55
6. Oliver McCarthy, Franklin – 5:56.56

200 Yard Free Relay
1. Canton (Jonathan He, Daniel Bui, Matthew Hart, Talis Veidis) – 1:40.60
2. Sharon (Ray Luo, Henry Do, Brac Buffa, Arthur Do) – 1:41.45
3. Attleboro (John Wheaton, Andrew Collins, Matthew Brewster, Cooper Johnson) – 1:43.01
4. Franklin (Rowan O’Rourke, Luke Tulloch, S. Milelr Wasik, Oliver McCarthy) – 1:45.47
5. Mansfield (Cornelius Dalpe, Trevor Schwartz, Jack Friedman, Xavier Gwynne) – 1:48.30
6. Milford (Ethan Fielder, Oskar Khoury, Eli DeBarros, Miles Lentendre) – 1:48.35

100 Yard Backstroke
1. David Bai, Sharon – 55.60
2. Brian Wang, Oliver Ames – 1:01.07
3. Connor Coleman, Attleboro – 1:01.56
4. Corey Rattray, Milford – 1:01.73
5. Xavier Gwynne, Mansfield – 1:04.85
6. Andrew Raynus, Sharon – 1:04.89

100 Yard Breaststroke
1. Ben Connors, Attleboro – 1:03.24
2. Gerald Grealish, Taunton – 1:04.06
3. Ben Pezza, Milford – 1:10.30
4. Ray Luo, Sharon – 1:12.41
5. Oskar Khoury, Milford – 1:12.69
6. Matthew Hart, Canton – 1:14.24

400 Yard Free Relay
1. Attleboro (Angad Ahluwalia, Connor Coleman, Ryan Connors, Ben Connors) – 3:29.46
2. Sharon (Andrew Raynus, Arthur Do, Michael Wang, David Bai) – 3:35.17
3. Milford (Corey Rattray, Ben Pezza, Josh Anderson, Aaron McIsaac) – 3:38.10
4. Canton (Daniel Bui, Charlie Smith, Ryan Hickey, Hunter Rice) – 3:52.24
5. Franklin (Oliver McCarthy, Arsh Tyagi, Luke Tulloch, S. Miller Wasik) – 3:53.37
6. Foxboro (Bennett Franciosi, Dylan Kelley, Joshua Netson, Evan Stein) – 3:57.12

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Taunton Turns Up The Tempo, Pulls Away From Foxboro

Taunton boys basketball Jakari Innocent
Taunton freshman Jakari Innocent (4) goes up for a layup against Foxboro senior Sam Golub in the first half. (Ryan Lanigan/HockomockSports.com)
 TAUNTON, Mass. — After a slow start to the game on the offensive end, Taunton head coach Charlie Dacey turned to a defensive adjustment in search of an energy boost.

The Tigers extended their defense to full-court pressure from the second quarter on, and while it had some positives on the defensive end, its biggest impact was changing the pace to where Taunton wanted it to be.

That tempo kicked Taunton’s offense into gear and the hosts combined a strong finish to the third quarter with a hot start to the fourth to run away with a 64-52 win over visiting Foxboro.

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“We had to,” Dacey said of the decision to press. The Tigers had just three buckets in the first quarter, shooting under 20%. “I think we got into a good tempo [with the press]. We’re able to run around, we didn’t really turn them over but it sped the game up and got it to where we wanted it.”

The Warriors had their best stretch in the middle of the third quarter anchored by senior Alex Penders (21 points, 10 rebounds), who sat out the entire second quarter due to foul trouble. Penders sparked an 11-2 run for Foxboro, assisting or scoring on the first four buckets of the run while Sam Golub capped it with a three-pointer off an offensive rebound and assist from Ryan Cotter. That run presented Foxboro with its lone lead of the second half, 38-33.

Taunton took the punch and countered with one of its own, landing a 12-2 run in response. Troy Santos (17 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists) drained a three after an offensive rebound from Dimari Brown, and Chris Volcy (18 points, 10 rebounds, 6 steals) turned a steal into a traditional three-point lead down the other end, giving the Tigers the lead back for good. Volcy and Santos each added two more and Chris Perault (22 points, 5 rebounds) capitalized on a turnover for two and a 45-40 lead going into the fourth.

“If we’re not shooting well, which we didn’t tonight, we have to find our points in other ways,” Dacey said. Taunton went 9-for-10 from the free throw line, scored 20 points off turnovers, and 17 second chance points. “It’s not the most attractive sometimes, but guys like Volcy will do the work to get them. Dimari had a couple offensive rebounds in his first varsity start.

“You have to piece it together because [Foxboro] isn’t easy to play. They’re disciplined. You get that element in your game, that makes you a better team.”

The Tigers carried the momentum into the fourth and duplicated that run, opening the fourth with another 12-2 surge. Perault opened the scoring and then converted a putback after an early turnover from the Warriors. Penders cleaned up his own miss to keep Foxboro within seven, but a steal from Volcy led to a three from Santos and then Volcy sank a triple of his own. After a Foxboro miss, Santos got a layup and suddenly the Tigers had a comfortable lead at 57-42 with four minutes to play.

“I thought mentally our response wasn’t as good as it needed to be when they went on that run,” said Foxboro head coach Jon Gibbs. “We lost our focus and composure a little bit and didn’t stick to the plan as much as we needed to. When you do that against a team that is as explosive as Taunton, things can snowball really quickly. If you can’t focus on the one play that you’re on, the game can get away from you quickly and that’s what you saw tonight. We’re going to use it as a learning experience and it’s a good reminder we have to stay present and win the possession we’re on.

“I thought Taunton was able to get the game to the tempo they wanted in the second half, it was in their pace. Against them, we wanted to make it more of a half court game and their press sped us up. Even though there were a lot of possessions that we ultimately got good shots and good looks, it was in their tempo and over time, that favored them.”

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Penders scored half of Foxboro’s 14 first quarter points and hauled in three rebounds, but was hit with his third foul with 1:30 to go. Ryan Kelley added a first quarter three while Sam Golub (9 points, 6 rebounds) and Ryan Cotter also scored as the Warriors staked a 14-6 lead.

Nolan Gordon, Andrew Finn, and Ian Foley had second quarter buckets to keep Foxboro’s offense going but Perault erupted for 11 points in the frame as the Tigers jumped ahead, 24-23, at halftime.

Taunton boys basketball (8-3 Hockomock, 10-4 overall) hits the road to visit North Attleboro on Friday while Foxboro (5-6, 9-6) takes a trip to division-leading Mansfield.

Sophomores Assini, Kilroy Lift King Philip Over Taunton

King Philip boys basketball Jack Assini
King Philip sophomore Jack Assini, pictured here in the first half, poured in a career-high to help lift the Warriors past Taunton. (Ryan Lanigan/HockomockSports.com)
 WRENTHAM, Mass. — King Philip sophomore Jack Assini hasn’t played many meaningful minutes so far this season as he splits time between varsity and JV, but head coach Dave DeStefano was looking for some help defense against a potent Taunton offense.

Not only did Assini deliver on the defensive end, he provided a huge spark offensively with a career-high 13 points and helped ignite a huge fourth quarter for the Warriors, who ran away with a 70-51 decision over the Tigers.

Assini hit three three-pointers, including two in the fourth quarter, while sophomore Tommy Kilroy hit four threes on his way to tying a career-high 21 points. Seniors Will Laplante and Tommy Martorano each sank three more triples as the Warriors tied a season-high with 13 made three-pointers on 43% shooting.

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“Jack’s shown some great improvement in practice and even in the games he’s gotten into, his defensive intensity has really shown,” DeStefano said. “We knew they’d look to attack a lot and he does a great job with on-ball defense so I knew he’d play. I didn’t expect to use him as much as we did but he was our team MVP tonight and we don’t win that game without him.

“He had a good shooting performance at practice yesterday and I just told him to do that again tonight. He shot with confidence tonight and as soon as that first one went in, he was feeling it.”

The Tigers spent the second half clawing back into the game. KP turned a four-point advantage at halftime (26-22) into a 13-point lead with an 11-3 surge in the middle of the third quarter as Laplante (19 points, 10 rebounds, 6 steals, 4 assists) hit a pair of threes, Kilroy had another, and Martorano (13 points, 7 rebounds) broke free in transition for an easy bucket.

Taunton rallied with threes from freshman Jakari Innocent and senior Al Morriseau (career-high 14 points, 5 rebounds) plus a layup through contact from junior Troy Santos (7 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds). But Kilroy answered with two and Assini sank his first triple with just seconds left to restore an eight-point advantage at 45-37.

The visitors once again clawed back into it with a 9-3 run to start the fourth with back-to-back buckets from seniors Chris Perault (13 points, 4 rebounds) and Chris Volcy (8 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals) and a triple from Santos to make it a two-point game, 48-46, with six minutes to play in the fourth.

Kilroy answered with a triple on the other end and the floodgates opened for the hosts as they finished the game with a 22-5 run in the last five minutes.

“I think we completed the circle of learning to play with the lead,” DeStefano said. “You know teams are going to make runs, we knew Taunton would make one and it’s about how you respond. I think we did a good job of responding to it tonight. Now that we’ve learned that, I think we can have a nice little run the rest of the way.

“I think tonight was the first time we really had the threes in the flow of the offense. We take a lot of threes so there’s going to be times when we take them early and take them in transition but as long as they shoot with confidence, we’ll be in good shape.”

Kilroy stretched the lead with another three-pointer after a rebound from sophomore Tommy McLeish and feed from senior Grant Kinney (7 rebounds, 5 assists), and Assini scored five straight as KP’s lead ballooned to double digits. Like Assini, Kilroy finished with eight points in the fourth quarter.

“I think he’s definitely found his niche on this team,” DeStefano said of Kilroy, who is now third on the team in scoring. “Coming in we asked him to be a defensive guy, to do all the dirty work and do those things that don’t really show up in the scorebook. And I think now that he’s done that, he’s taken the next step on the offensive end. He’s starting to drive with confidence, shoot with confidence too.”

Taunton took a lead with a strong second quarter but had a cold spell to finish the half as KP rattled off an 11-0 run to take a lead into halftime as the Tigers were forced to put three starters on the bench with foul trouble. The Tigers didn’t lead at any point in the second half.

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“Our shot selection had to improve,” said Taunton head coach Charlie Dacey. “There were times when we took some quick shots, not necessarily bad ones but quick ones and we made that run…but then we had a couple of quick shots in a row and then they opened it back up. Now they’re steaming and we’re stalled offensively. We had a little confusion on the offensive that turned into a turnover or a bad shot, and that’s stuff that we need to have better control of at this point in the season.

“We were rushing things, and there are times we can get away with it but tonight, anytime we made a mistake we paid for it. [KP] was pumped up, they were flying around tonight.”

King Philip boys basketball (6-4 Hockomock, 8-5 overall) faces a big test on Tuesday when it welcomes Mansfield. Taunton (7-3, 8-4) visits New Bedford on Sunday before hosting Foxboro on Tuesday.