Player of the Week: Timmy Luc, Taunton Swimming

Timmy Lee
By Staff

Taunton junior Timmy Luc has been selected as the Player of the Week, presented by Morse Insurance, for Feb. 14 through Feb. 21. Luc is the 13th player chosen as Player of the Week for the 2020-21 school year and seventh in the winter season.

Luc continued his stellar career in the pool with two individual first place finishes and two second place finishes in relays, helping the Tigers take fourth place as a team in the annual Hockomock League Swim and Dive Championships. Taunton finished with 219 points as a team, just eight points back of third place Attleboro.

“Timmy honestly is such a special competitor in so many ways,” said Taunton coach Steve Callahan. “He is all about the process. He is incredibly quiet in his demeanor but fierce in action, which can be rather uncommon in our sport. His ability to overcome so many obstacles that our team, but more importantly, he faced this year and show up for our squad when it mattered most was truly impressive.”

The day started with a second place in the 200-yard medley relay, finishing in a time of 1:52.21, six seconds behind the team from Sharon. Luc then added a pair of individual wins. He took the 50-yard freestyle in a time of 23.03, which was .72 seconds faster than David Bai of Sharon. Luc followed that with a win in the 100-yard butterfly, finishing in a time of 54.82 to win by more than three seconds. Luc concluded the day with second place in the 200-yard free relay, swimming the anchor lap as the Tigers finished in 1:39.89.

This is the second year in a row that Luc won two individual titles, as he won both races last year as well. In 2020, the Tigers also won both of the relays. As a freshman, Luc showed his potential, finishing second in both individual races by narrow margins (including less than a second behind Connor Dunn of Attleboro in the 50-yard free).

The Player of the Week, presented by Morse Insurance, is selected by the staff. Nominations can be submitted throughout the week up until Saturday night at midnight. There may be a poll posted on every Sunday with the nominations. The results of the poll influence the selection but do not strictly dictate the decision.

Timmy Luc
Timmy Luc The Player of the Week, presented by Morse Insurance, is selected by the staff. Nominations can be submitted throughout the week up until Saturday night at midnight. There may be a poll posted on every Sunday with the nominations. The results of the poll influence the selection but do not strictly dictate the decision. Timmy Luc The Player of the Week, presented by Morse Insurance, is selected by the staff. Nominations can be submitted throughout the week up until Saturday night at midnight. There may be a poll posted on every Sunday with the nominations. The results of the poll influence the selection but do not strictly dictate the decision.

Sunday’s Schedule & Scoreboard – 02/21/21

Today’s games are listed below.

Boys Basketball
North Attleboro, 57 @ Attleboro, 46 – FinalNorth Attleboro senior George Ladd ended his high school career with a bang, scoring a career-high 30 points and grabbed eight rebounds to lead the Rocketeers to a win over Attleboro. Ladd hit eight two-point shots and went 14-of-16 from the free throw line, icing the game with shots from the line in the final moments. It was a slow start on the offensive end for both sides but offensive rebounds helped Attleboro take a 20-19 lead at halftime. Buoyed by 12 points from Ladd and a pair of three pointers by Casey Poirier, North Attleboro scored 20 points in the third quarter to take a 39-32 lead into the final frame. Junior Brody Rosenberg added eight of his 13 points in the fourth quarter, including a dagger three that make it 46-38 with just under three minutes to play. Attleboro senior Justin Daniels scored a team-high 16 points, Alvin Harrison added 13 points and 10 rebounds, and Chris Holcomb had eight points and 12 rebounds.

Boys Hockey
Attleboro, 2 @ King Philip, 6 – FinalKing Philip set the tone with three goals in the first period, added one in the final minute of the second period, and tacked on two more in the third to secure the win and a share of the Kelley-Rex division title. Freshman Brad Guden scored twice and had an assist while David Lawler had one goal and two assists to pace the Warriors.

Mansfield, 2 @ North Attleboro, 8 – Final

Hockomock Girls Swim Championships – 2021 Results

Below are the full team results and the top six finishes from each individual race. To view the complete results, click here.

Team Results

1. Franklin – 394.5
2. Oliver Ames – 351
3. King Philip – 240
4. Canton – 216
5. Attleboro – 146
T6. Taunton – 142
T6. Foxboro – 142
8. Mansfield – 124.5
9. Sharon – 111.5
10. Milford – 110.5
11. North Attleboro – 74
12. Stoughton – 36

Race Results

200 Yard Medley Relay
1. Oliver Ames (J. Buche, E. O’Hara, S. Streton, A. Kelly) – 1:59.31
2. Canton (S. Harney, J. Hart, K. Harney, M Rousseau) – 2:02.57
3. Franklin (C. Tang, M. Lawlor, E. Tang, K. Chew) – 2:03.84
4. King Philip (M. Cleasby, R. Bailer, M. Campbell, B McCaster) – 2:06.57
5. Attleboro (E. Lynch-Bartek, S. Dorval, N. Konisz, B. O’Connell) – 2:06.69
6. Sharon (C. Zhou, C. Sung, O. Sheng, P. Ghosh) – 2:10.15

200 Yard Free
1. S. Streton, Oliver Ames – 2:03.55
2. Megan Campbell, King Philip – 2:06.13
3. S. Bourgeois, Franklin – 2:06.48
4. Keeley Harney, Canton – 2:07.27
5. Abby Gallagher, Foxboro – 2:07.34
6. Emma Ferreira, Franklin – 2:08.04

200 Yard IM
1. Shauna Harney, Canton – 2:19.27
2. Christine Tang, Franklin – 2:20.49
3. Sophie Hirtle, Oliver Ames – 2:29.01
4. Marisa Gay, Taunton – 2:31.00
5. Madelyn Cleasby, King Philip – 2:34.62
6. Sydney Dorval, Attleboro – 2:35.27

50 Yard Free
1. Ava Kelly, Oliver Ames – 26.78
2. Elizabeth Tang, Franklin – 27.23
3. Angelina Lynch, Taunton – 27.32
4. Sofia Seifert, Mansfield – 27.78
5. B. McMaster, King Philip – 27.87
6. Kathryn Chew, Franklin – 27.96

100 Yard Butterfly
1. S. Streton, Oliver Ames – 1:01.96
2. Jen Buche, Oliver Ames – 1:02.23
3. Megan Lathrop, Foxboro – 1:03.22
4. Elizabeth Tang, Franklin – 1:04.57
5. Eva Parson, Milford – 1:04.98
6. S. Bourgeois, Franklin – 1:08.82

100 Yard Free
1. Ella Lynch-Bartek, Attleboro – 57.81
2. Angelina Lynch, Taunton – 58.96
3. Ava Kelley, Oliver Ames – 59.26
4. Tiffany Ye, Taunton – 59.79
5. Alyssa Lapuma, Franklin – 1:00.66
6. Lauren Klein, King Philip – 1:01.10

500 Yard Free
1. Megan Campbell, King Philip – 5:31.40
2. Abby Gallagher, Foxboro – 5:36.00
3. Emma Ferreira, Franklin – 5:42.71
4. Megan Lathrop, Foxboro – 5:43.12
5. Keeley Harney, Canton – 5:45.00
6. Mia Wainwright, Franklin – 5:47.37

200 Yard Free Relay
1. Franklin (E. Ferreira, L. Remillard, S. Bourgeois, K. Chew) – 1:51.59
2. Oliver Ames (E. Kelly, S. Hirtle, P. Gray, L. White) – 1:53.28
3. Attleboro (E. Lynch-Bartek, S. Dorval, B. O’Connell, N. Konisz) – 1:55.80
4. Foxboro (G. Ouellette, S. Egan, A. Gallagher, M. Lathrop) – 1:56.34
5. Mansfield (K. Elliott, J. Harris, M. Shannon, S. Seifert) – 1:58.20
6. King Philip (L. Burns, A. Lyons, M. Cleasby, K. Klein) – 1:58.44

100 Yard Backstroke
1. Jen Buche, Oliver Ames – 1:00.69
2. Shauna Harney, Canton – 1:03.27
3. Christine Tang, Franklin – 1:05.58
4. Kim Stichaj, Milford – 1:06.11
5. Kathryn Chew, Franklin – 1:06.84
6. Ella Lynch-Bartek, Attleboro – 1:06.95

100 Yard Breaststroke
1. Jessica Hart, Canton – 1:13.79
2. Emma O’Hara, Oliver Ames – 1:14.49
3. Cheryl Sung, Sharon – 1:18.24
T4. Madison Lawlor, Franklin – 1:18.78
T4. Sofia Seifert, Mansfield – 1:18.78
6. Rachel Bailer, King Philip – 1:21.58

400 Yard Free Relay
1. Oliver Ames (A. Kelly, S. Hirtle, J. Buche, S. Streton) – 3:52.94
2. Franklin (E. Ferreira, E. Tang, S. Bourgeois, C. Tang) – 4:01.02
3. King Philip (R. Bailer, B. McMaster, L. Klein, M. Campbell) – 4:06.62
4. Canton (J. Hart, S. Harney, M. Rousseau, K. Harney) – 4:07.74
5. Taunton (T. Ye, M. Dafov, M. Gay, A. Lynch) – 4:15.75
6. Milford (E. Parson, S. Wengel, M. Stochji, K. Stichaj) – 4:19.72

Hockomock Boys Swim Championships – 2021 Results

Below are the full team results and the top six finishes from each individual race. To view the complete results, click here.

Team Results

1. Sharon – 315
2. Franklin – 280.5
3. Attleboro – 227
4. Taunton – 219
5. Oliver Ames – 203
6. Mansfield – 177
7. Canton – 161
8. King Philip – 153
9. Milford – 125
10. Foxboro – 114
11. North Attleboro – 68
12. Stoughton – 52

Race Results

200 Yard Medley Relay
1. Sharon (D. Bai, N. Wang, M. Wang, J. Maron) – 1:46.34
2. Taunton (B. Callahan, M. Dafov, J. Trinh, T. Luc) – 1:52.21
3. Attleboro (M. Marcil, B. Connors, R. Connors., C. Mangion) – 1:54.68
4. Franklin (D. Gurge, S. Brooks, L. Cashin, J. Wu) – 1:55.48
5. Canton (J. Frestler, A. Lee, E. Nguyen, E. Pham) – 1:56.06
6. Oliver Ames (E. Foltz, B. Wang, B. Turner, R. Moore) – 1:56.56

200 Yard Free
1. Jack Maron, Sharon – 1:54.91
2. Bleddyn Titmuss, Franklin – 1:58.03
3. Brady Callahan, Taunton – 1:58.97
4. Brian Wang, Oliver Ames – 1:58.99
5. Cam Stringfellow, King Philip – 1:59.95
6. Ryan Moore, Oliver Ames – 2:00.25

200 Yard IM
1. Nicholas Wang, Sharon – 2:06.90
2. Derek Whyte, King Philip – 2:10.42
3. Ben Turner, Oliver Ames – 2:12.71
4. Luke Cashin, Franklin – 2:15.74
5. Theo Tran, Sharon – 2:22.12
6. Martin Dafov, Taunton – 2:23.05

50 Yard Free
1. Tim Luc, Taunton – 23.03
2. David Bai, Sharon – 23.75
3. Rico Palanza, Mansfield – 24.12
4. Javier Frestler, Canton – 24.15
5. Abraham Souaiden, Foxboro – 24.25
6. Colin Monahan, North Attleboro – 24.66

100 Yard Butterfly
1. Tim Luc, Taunton – 54.82
T2. Ryan Connors, Attleboro – 57.91
T2. Ben Turner, Oliver Ames – 57.91
4. Michael Wang, Sharon – 1:00.34
5. Luke Cashin, Franklin – 1:00.89
6. Bleddyn Titmuss, Franklin – 1:02.07

100 Yard Free
1. Ryan Moore, Oliver Ames – 52.80
2. Rico Palanca, Mansfield – 53.63
3. Josh Kravets, Milford – 53.73
4. Ben Connors, Attleboro – 53.91
5. Javier Frestler, Canton – 54.28
6. Danny Schnitzer, Sharon – 55.72

500 Yard Free
1. Derek Whyte, King Philip – 5:14.23
2. Cam Stringfellow, King Philip – 5:31.82
3. Josh Aderson, Milford – 5:50.95
4. Evan Foltz, Oliver Ames – 5:51.04
5. Owen Lasbury-Casey, Mansfield – 6:00.00
6. Zachary Simms, Franklin – 6:01.79

200 Yard Free Relay
1. Sharon (D. Bai, J, Maron, M. Wang, N. Wang) – 1:37.03
2. Taunton (B. Callahan, J. Trinh, M. Dafov, T. Luc) – 1:39.89
3. Attleboro (M. Marcil, B. Connors, R. Connors, C. Mangion) – 1:42.11
4. Mansfield (K. McCarthy, D. Piccirilli, O. Lasbury-Casey, R. Palanza) – 1:42.14
5. Canton (T. Veidis, E. Pham, E. Nguyen, J. Frestler) – 1:43.86
6. Franklin (J. Wu, D. Gurge, D. Cashin, B. Titmuss) – 1:45.31

100 Yard Backstroke
1. Bennett Francois, Foxboro – 58.22
2. David Bai, Sharon – 58.28
3. Brady Callahan, Taunton – 58.55
4. Ryan Connors, Attleboro – 1:00.48
5. Nicholas Wang, Sharon – 1:00.92
6. Brian Wang, Oliver Ames – 1:03.56

100 Yard Breaststroke
1. Brendan Lapuma, Franklin – 1:07.51
2. Jack Maron, Sharon – 1:09.50
3. Abraham Souaiden, Foxboro – 1:09.75
4. Austin Lee, Canton – 1:12.32
5. Martin Dafov, Taunton – 1:12.66
6. James Wu, Franklin – 1:14.01

400 Yard Free Relay
1. Oliver Ames (B. Turner, B. Wang, E. Foltz, R. Moore) – 3:39.21
2. Franklin (L. Cashin, B. Titmuss, S. Brooks, B. Lapuma) – 3:46.94
3. Mansfield (D. Piccirilli, K. McCarthy, O. Lasbury-Casey, R. Palanza) – 3:50.34
4. Milford (J. Kravets, J. Weiner, J. Aderson, X. Terrell) – 3:56.85
5. King Philip (B. Goff, A. Pham, C. Stringfellow, D. Whyte) – 4:04.64
6. Attleboro (A. Harrop, C. Coleman, B. Dumont, D. Nisbet) – 4:15.25

Saturday’s Schedule & Scoreboard – 02/20/21

Today’s games are listed below.

Boys Basketball
Sharon, 47 @ Taunton, 71 – FinalTaunton came out of the gates flying with 26 points in the first quarter and then really pulled away in the second half, limiting the visitors to 15 points in the final two quarters. Junior Trent Santos scored 13 of his game-high 22 points in the opening quarter and recorded six rebounds and five assists. Junior Tristan Herry added 14 points and four rebounds, senior Tyler finished with 11 points and 10 rebounds, and senior Josh Lopes had 10 points, four rebounds, and four assists. Will Hippler led Sharon with 11 points while sophomore Matt Baur added nine points.

Boys Hockey
King Philip, 7 @ Attleboro, 1 – Final King Philip exploded for first goals in the first period and tacked on two more in the second to inch closer to clinching a share of the Kelley-Rex division title. Conor Cooke recorded a hat trick for the Warriors while Justin Yatsuhashi found the back of the net twice. Rocco Bianculli and Shaun Fitzpatrick each scored once in the win.

North Attleboro, 1 @ Bishop Feehan, 2 – Final (AJ’s Army Fundraiser)

Taunton, 4 @ Mansfield, 7 – Final

Friday’s Schedule & Scoreboard – 02/19/21

Today’s games are listed below.

Boys Basketball
North Attleboro, 62 @ Sharon, 71 – FinalSharon senior Matt Baskin connected on eight three-pointers, tying a career-high with 27 points to help the Eagles earn an upset win over North Attleboro. Baskin hit three triples in each the first and second quarters while Kiran Chandrasekaran (10 points) and Sam Cohen each added first half threes to help the Eagles build a 34-21 lead. The Rocketeers battled to make it a game as Brody Rosenberg (15 points) and George Ladd (23 points) each scored 10 third quarter points, getting the visitors within two points. Sophomore Matt Baur (eight points) hit a timely three for the Eagles and senior Jordan Barboza came off the bench to score eight points to keep the Eagles ahead. Casey Poirier added 15 points for North Attleboro.

Boys Hockey
Mansfield, 8 @ Attleboro, 1 – Final

Girls Hockey
Mansfield/Oliver Ames, 5 @ King Philip, 1 – Final

Taunton Rallies To Clinch Share Of First Hock Title

Taunton boys basketball Tyler Stewart
Taunton senior Tyler Stewart goes up for a layup against Attleboro in the second half. (Ryan Lanigan/
 TAUNTON, Mass. – It’s been a most challenging season for everyone, but with a delayed start and a one-week hiatus smack in the middle of its schedule, it’s been a bit tougher on the Taunton boys basketball team.

So it’s only fitting that the Tigers made clinching their first-ever Hockomock League Kelley-Rex division title a bit more difficult than it needed to be.

A near-perfect start from visiting Attleboro coupled with a sluggish first eight minutes from the Tigers put the hosts in a double-digit deficit.

Click here for a photo gallery from this game.

But as these Tigers have done all season, they responded. Despite starting their season two weeks after everyone else, Taunton opened the season with five straight wins. And when they were forced to the sideline for a week, the Tigers came right back and beat one of the best teams in the state in Mansfield with just one day of practice.

And on Thursday afternoon, in their fourth game in the five-day span, the Tigers dominated the final three quarters of play, not only digging out of the hole they were in but burying it and covering it with a mound of dirt in the form of a 76-57 win over the Bombardiers.

The Tigers’ game with King Philip will not be made up and the Hockomock League is expected to award Taunton with a win via forfeit for that game multiple sources told

It marks Taunton’s first league title since 2008 when it won the Old Colony League.

“Everyone has gone through issues this year but this is an extraordinary group, I’ve said it many times,” said longtime Taunton head coach Charlie Dacey. “Across the board, not just the first five either, you go right down the roster. We’ve had no issues at all this year. There’s usually something but this group has been great, they really like each other too.

“When we got into our offense, we got the lead into double figures and that force them to pressure a little bit. Then we really started to figure out that if we can our offense, things were working. Once we’re relaxed, like any team, they get into a comfort zone and we really pulled away.”

Attleboro got whatever it wanted to start the game, hitting mid-range jumpers and getting to the rim on open layups. The Bombardiers shot 9-for-16 from the field for 20 points while their defense was on point too, the Tigers were forced to settle for contested looks inside and out. The result was a 20-9 lead, seemingly stunning Taunton.

“We had confidence from yesterday’s game and that carried over to today,” said Attleboro head coach Mark Houle. “I thought the first quarter we played as well as we could have…defensively, offensively, transition baskets, we controlled the boards. They started rebounding better and we couldn’t stop them. We had them for 26 possessions in the second and third quarters and they scored on 22 of them. We tried to change it up as much as we could but they made plays consistently and we couldn’t stop them.

“Overall between yesterday and today we really battled but [Taunton] is a really good team.

The comeback didn’t come quickly, but it was steady. Attleboro scored to push its lead to 22-9 to start the frame and Taunton had three chances to get back on the board but went empty on two shots from the field and two from the line. The next play, however, might have been the spark that lit a fire for the Tigers.

Junior Tristan Herry, who scored a season-high 20 points, poked the ball free and won a foot race to the loose ball on the other end of the court. From there, Taunton went on to score on 12 straight possessions to erase the deficit and take a lead by halftime.

“Tristan was bustin’ on defense, he was trying to do all the right things on offense. I think that sunk into the other four, if he’s going to do it then we should do it. He was the catalyst in that turnaround for us. Tyler [Stewart] changes the flow of the offense because he demands attention, even if he’s not scoring. But Tristan got us going.”

Senior Josh Lopes (nine points, five rebounds) scored the first three points on a jumper and a free throw and Herry stepped up on the offensive end with his first three-pointer. A steal by Nigel Choate gave Taunton the ball back and an offensive rebound resulted in two points from senior Tyler Stewart (10 points, five rebounds).

Attleboro’s Justin Daniels (17 points) answered for the Bombardiers but junior Trent Santos (18 points, four assists) attacked the basket for two for the hosts. Herry sank his second three of the period to make it a four-point game but junior Evan Houle (nine points, four rebounds) answered with a triple of his own out of an Attleboro timeout.

The Tigers’ relentless offensive attack continued as an offensive board from Choate turned into a free throw from junior Faisal Mass (12 points, 12 rebounds, five assists). Joe Francois-Annevil took a feed from Alvin Harrison and scored down low but Herry drained another triple and a steal from Choate resulted in two after a putback from Mass.

Stewart had a big block and then found Choate for two down low, and after another Attleboro turnover, Mass finished through contact to put the hosts ahead for the first time, 32-31. Stewart then sank an elbow jumper and the Tiger took a 34-32 lead into halftime.

“I think we were a little fatigued from yesterday but going into the second, we talked with each other about how we felt we were the better team,” said Stewart, who is committed to play at Wentworth. “Tristan hit some big shots that really changed the momentum for us. Once he hit those shots, it got the rest of us going.

“Just a chance to play [this season] was really exciting for us. I think we’ve shown that this group plays really well under adversity. The amount of things we’ve had to go through to get to this point is insane, all the way back to the start of last year through this year, shows a lot about this group.”

Taunton’s offense wasn’t as effective in the third quarter, but it was pretty close. The Tigers picked up points on 10 of their first 11 possessions of the quarter to build a double-digit advantage.

Taunton boys basketball Trent Santos Tyler Stewart Josh Lopes Tristan Herry Faisal Mass

Lopes and Daniels traded buckets to start and the Tigers finally had an empty possession on their second trip up court. Mass found Santos for a three and then Santos returned the favor to Lopes for two more. Attleboro cashed on its third shot of its next possession when Chris Holcomb sank a three to keep the deficit at four.

Santos and Mass each connected from downtown in a one-minute span and layups from Santos and Stewart pushed Taunton’s lead to 55-45 going into the final quarter.

“Herry kept them in it early and then after that, it was all of them, I think every single one of them played well today,” Houle said of the Tigers. “It was pretty spread out, and it felt like any time we did get a stop in the second or third they got an offensive rebound and got an extra opportunity.”

Attleboro cut into the lead early in the fourth as a strong take from Francois-Annevil make it 60-51 but Mass answered with two after a nice fake, Santos dropped in a floater, Herry hit on a pull-up, and Lopes scored after a turnover and the lead ballooned to 68-51 with just under four minutes.

Click here for a photo gallery from this game.

After scoring just nine points in the first, Taunton scored 20 or more points in each of the second, third, and fourth quarters.

Taunton becomes just the third team to win the Kelley-Rex division in boys basketball since the Hockomock League split in two. Mansfield has won it 10 times, including a share this year, while Franklin won it outright in 2012 and earned a share in 2016.

Taunton boys basketball (8-1 Kelley-Rex, 8-1 overall) will host Sharon on Saturday at noon for its final game of the season. Attleboro (5-5, 10-5) will host rival North Attleboro on Sunday at 1:30.

Taunton boys basketball Trent Santos Tyler Stewart Josh Lopes Tristan Herry Faisal Mass

Thursday’s Schedule & Scoreboard – 02/18/21

Today’s games are listed below.

Boys Basketball
Attleboro, 57 @ Taunton, 76 – FinalClick here for a recap and photo gallery of this game.

Mansfield, 81 vs. Brookline, 62 – FinalMansfield senior Matt Boen put a bow on his senior year, registering a triple-double in his final game to help the Hornets end with a win. Boen scored a game-high 27 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and dished out 10 assists while Brian See (13 points), Matt Hyland (12 points, seven assists, eight rebounds), and Brendan Foley (10 points) each scored in double figures. Jack Colby added seven points and eight boards in the win.

Girls Basketball
Attleboro, 47 @ North Attleboro, 27 – FinalThe Bombardiers closed out the season with a sweep of North Attleboro and their ninth win of the season. It was a strong defensive performance from Attleboro, which held North to just six points in the second and third quarters combined to build a 16-point lead heading to the fourth. Meghan Gordon had another double-double for the visitors, scoring 15 points and grabbing 11 rebounds in the win. Emma Reilly had nine, Hailey Perry had eight, and Narissa Smith had seven points for the Bombardiers. “Great way to wrap up our season,” said Attleboro coach Marty Crowley. “So grateful to have had this opportunity to compete.” Amanda Kaiser closed out her North career with a team-high nine points and classmate Lydia Santos added seven.

Girls Hockey
King Philip, 0 vs. St. Mary’s (Lynn), 1 – Final