Hockomock Girls Swim Championships – 2023 Results

Hockomock girls swim

Below are the full team results and the top six finishes from each individual race.

Hockomock girls swim

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Team Results

1. Franklin – 406
2. Attleboro – 252
3. Canton – 240
4. King Philip – 215
5. Foxboro – 212
6. Taunton – 163
7. Sharon – 142
8. Mansfield – 129
9. Milford – 102
10. North Attleboro – 101
11. Oliver Ames – 92

Race Results

200 Yard Medley Relay
1. Franklin (Harikalal Birali, Christine Tang, Hope Xayveth, Emma Ferreira) – 1:53.78**
2. Canton (Kelley Harney, Shauna Harney, Annie McLean, Olivia Hickey) – 1:59.77
3. Attleboro (Zuri Ferguson, Abbigael Rodrigues, Sydney Dorval, Carolien Lynch-Bartek) – 2:00.63
4. Foxboro (Megan Lathrop, Abby Gallagher, Ava Gallagher, Molly Lockwood) – 2:04.94
5. King Philip (Madelyn Cleasby, Flannery Miller, Rachel Bailer, Lauren Klein) – 2:05.14
6. Sharon (Molly Angaian, Avital Gerts, Feining Huang, Kat Chavez) – 2:09.14

200 Yard Free
1. Zuri Ferguson, Attleboro – 1:54.22**
2. Addison MacDonald, Mansfield – 2:00.79
3. Sydney Bourgeois, Franklin – 2:05.90
4. Abby Gallagher, Foxboro – 2:06.12
5. Keeley Harney, Canton – 2:07.92
6. Ashley Desroches, Franklin – 2:09.26

200 Yard IM
1. Shauna Harvey, Canton – 2:15.01
2. Christine Tang, Franklin – 2:16.42
3. Flannery Miller, King Philip – 2:19.35
4. Megan Lathrop, Foxboro – 2:19.61
5. Feining Huang, Sharon – 2:20.35
6. Ava Gallagher, Foxboro – 2:27.29

50 Yard Free
1. Annie McLean, Canton – 25.87
2. Emma Ferreira, Franklin – 26.52
3. Abigail Fernandes, Taunton – 27.77
4. Sarah Wengal, Milford – 27.89
5. Caroline Clifford, Franklin – 28.14
6. Lauren Klein, King Philip – 28.53

100 Yard Butterfly
1. Hope Xayaveth, Franklin – 57.14**
2. Megan Lathrop, Foxboro – 1:02.39
3. Annie McLean, Canton – 1:02.46
4. Feining Huang, Sharon – 1:02.54
5. Ava Gallagher, Foxboro – 1:06.40
6. Keegan Wright, Franklin 1:09.41

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100 Yard Free
1. Harikalal Birali, Franklin – 56.13
2. Keeley Harney, Canton – 56.28
3. Emma Ferreira, Franklin – 57.35
4. Madelyn Cleasby, King Philip – 1:00.53
5. Kat Chavez, Sharon – 1:00.67
6. Caroline Lynch-Bartek, Attleboro – 1:01.44

500 Yard Free
1. Addison MacDonald, Mansfield – 5:21.67
2. Sydney Bourgeois, Franklin – 5:33.91
3. Abby Gallagher, Foxboro – 5:34.45
4. Ashely Desroches, Franklin – 5:42.36
5. Molly Lockwood, Foxboro – 5:48.05
6. Avital Gerts, Sharon – 5:50.38

200 Yard Free Relay
1. Attleboro (Caroline Lynch-Bartek, Sydney Dorval, Ava Dougherty, Zuri Ferguson) – 1:49.98
2. Franklin (Caroline Clifford, Ashley Desroches, Christine Tang, Sydney Bourgeois) – 1:50.50
3. Taunton (Abigail Fernandes, Mile Dafov, Megan Viveiros, Tiffany Ye) – 1:55.00
4. North Attleboro (Cassie Hobson, Megan Atwood, Mallory Burns, Sophia Roukhadze) – 2:02.63
5. Milford (Sarah Wengal, Brighid Howland, Madelyn Stochaj, Vedi Raval) – 2:04.09
6. Oliver Ames (Paige Gray, Olivia Poliseno, Addison McDonough, Ashley Powers) – 2:04.22

100 Yard Backstroke
1. Zuri Ferguson, Attleboro – 55.60**
2. Harikalal Birali, Franklin – 1:00.56
3. Shauna Harney, Catnon – 1:02.63
4. Tiffany Ye, Taunton – 1:05.29
5. Madelyn Cleasby, King Philip – 1:06.94
6. Atina Lee, Canton – 1:07.88

100 Yard Breaststroke
1. Hope Xavayeth, Franklin – 1:09.03
2. Flannery Miller, King Philip – 1:11.49
3. Christine Tang, Franklin – 1:12.76
4. Avital Gerts, Sharon – 1:19.67
5. Madison Lawlor, Franklin – 1:20.58
6. Abbigael Rodrigues, Attleboro – 1:21.52

400 Yard Free Relay
1. Franklin (Harikalal Birali, Sydney Bourgeois, Emma Ferreira, Hope Xavayeth) – 3:48.89
2. Foxboro (Darrah Bertumen, Abby Gallagher, Megan Lathrop, Ava Gallagher) – 4:04.19
3. King Philip (Rachel Bailer, Madelyn Cleasby, Lauren Klein, Flannery Miller) – 4:07.70
4. Sharon (Kat Chavez, Sophia Scott, Avital Gers, Feining Huang) – 4:12.18
5. Canton (Caitlyn Reynolds, Tema Mazonson, Julianne Gilchrist, Atina Lee) – 4:15.10
6. Attleboro (Natalie Kotnisz, Genny Chace, Abbigael Rodrigues, Ava Dougherty) – 4:17.70

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Hockomock Boys Swim Championships – 2023 Results

Hockomock boys swim

Below are the full team results and the top six finishes from each individual race.

Hockomock boys swim

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Team Results

1. Sharon – 376
2. Attleboro – 357
3. Milford – 249
4. Canton – 246.5
5. Franklin – 187
6. Foxboro – 155
7. Mansfield – 118
8. Taunton – 115
9. Oliver Ames – 97.5
10. North Attleboro – 88
11. Stoughton – 63
12. King Philip – 1

Race Results

200 Yard Medley Relay
1. Attleboro (Connor Coleman, Ben Connors, Ryan Connors, Angad Ahluwalia) – 1:43.41
2. Sharon (David Bai, Ray Luo, Michael Wang, Brac Buffa) – 1:47.93
3. Milford (Corey Rattray, Ben Pezza, Josh Anderson, Aaron McIsaac) – 1:51.17
4. Canton (Hunter Rice, Matthew Hart, Charlie Smith, Talis Veidis) – 1:54.54
5. Foxboro (Bennett Franciosi, Matthew Rochford, Evan Stein, Joshua Nelson) – 2:00.48
6. Mansfield (Xavier Gwynne, Cornelius Dalpe, Jack Friedman, Trevor Schwartz) – 2:03.49

200 Yard Free
1. Ryan Connors, Attleboro – 1:53.21
2. Ben Pezza, Milford – 2:00.14
3. Oliver McCarthy, Franklin – 2:02.35
4. Josh Anderson, Milford – 2:05.75
5. Justin Hsu, Sharon – 2:09.25
6. Howell Braillard, North Attleboro – 2:11.08

200 Yard IM
1. Ben Connors, Attleboro – 2:05.77
2. Gerald Grealish, Taunton – 2:09.91
3. Michael Wang, Sharon – 2:10.64
4. Evan Stein, Foxboro – 2:12.86
5. Bennett Franciosi, Foxboro – 2:17.08
6. Ethan Fielder, Milford – 2:20.45

50 Yard Free
1. David Bai, Sharon – 21.67**
2. Talis Veidis, Catnon – 23.37
3. Angad Ahluwalia, Attleboro – 23.59
4. Aaron McIsaac, Milford – 24.55
5. Ray Luo, Sharon – 25.17
6. Arthur Do, Sharon – 25.22

100 Yard Butterfly
1. Ryan Connors, Attleboro – 53.13**
2. Michael Wang, Sharon – 57.52
3. Brac Buffa, Sharon – 59.57
4. Xavier Gwynne, Mansfield – 1:01.39
5. S. Miller Wasif, Franklin – 1:01.81
6. Aaron McIsaac, Milford – 1:03.09

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100 Yard Free
1. Talis Veidis, Canton – 51.89
2. Evan Stein, Foxboro – 51.97
3. Angad Ahluwalia, Attleboro – 52.49
4. Brian Wang, Oliver Ames – 52.58
5. Corey Rattray, Milford – 54.45
6. Andrew Raynus, Sharon – 54.96

500 Yard Free
1. Brac Buffa, Sharon – 5:23.02
2. Connor Coleman, Attleboro – 5:23.69
3. Bennett Franciosi, Foxboro – 5:35.11
4. Josh Anderson, Milford – 5:41.84
5. Hunter Rice, Canton – 5:51.55
6. Oliver McCarthy, Franklin – 5:56.56

200 Yard Free Relay
1. Canton (Jonathan He, Daniel Bui, Matthew Hart, Talis Veidis) – 1:40.60
2. Sharon (Ray Luo, Henry Do, Brac Buffa, Arthur Do) – 1:41.45
3. Attleboro (John Wheaton, Andrew Collins, Matthew Brewster, Cooper Johnson) – 1:43.01
4. Franklin (Rowan O’Rourke, Luke Tulloch, S. Milelr Wasik, Oliver McCarthy) – 1:45.47
5. Mansfield (Cornelius Dalpe, Trevor Schwartz, Jack Friedman, Xavier Gwynne) – 1:48.30
6. Milford (Ethan Fielder, Oskar Khoury, Eli DeBarros, Miles Lentendre) – 1:48.35

100 Yard Backstroke
1. David Bai, Sharon – 55.60
2. Brian Wang, Oliver Ames – 1:01.07
3. Connor Coleman, Attleboro – 1:01.56
4. Corey Rattray, Milford – 1:01.73
5. Xavier Gwynne, Mansfield – 1:04.85
6. Andrew Raynus, Sharon – 1:04.89

100 Yard Breaststroke
1. Ben Connors, Attleboro – 1:03.24
2. Gerald Grealish, Taunton – 1:04.06
3. Ben Pezza, Milford – 1:10.30
4. Ray Luo, Sharon – 1:12.41
5. Oskar Khoury, Milford – 1:12.69
6. Matthew Hart, Canton – 1:14.24

400 Yard Free Relay
1. Attleboro (Angad Ahluwalia, Connor Coleman, Ryan Connors, Ben Connors) – 3:29.46
2. Sharon (Andrew Raynus, Arthur Do, Michael Wang, David Bai) – 3:35.17
3. Milford (Corey Rattray, Ben Pezza, Josh Anderson, Aaron McIsaac) – 3:38.10
4. Canton (Daniel Bui, Charlie Smith, Ryan Hickey, Hunter Rice) – 3:52.24
5. Franklin (Oliver McCarthy, Arsh Tyagi, Luke Tulloch, S. Miller Wasik) – 3:53.37
6. Foxboro (Bennett Franciosi, Dylan Kelley, Joshua Netson, Evan Stein) – 3:57.12

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Canton Beats KP to Secure Fourth Straight Hock Title

Canton girls hockey
Canton senior Audrey Koen (17) celebrates her third goal of the night, on the power in the third period, leading the Bulldogs to a 5-2 win over KP. (Josh Perry/HockomockSports.com)

Josh PerryFollowJoshPerry

FOXBORO, Mass. – Since the Hockomock League introduced girls hockey six years ago, the games have always been competitive but Canton has stood above the others as the team to beat each winter. King Philip went into Wednesday night’s showdown at the Foxboro Sports Center looking to knock Canton off its perch and bring home its first league title in the process.

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Canton’s title-winning experience proved to be too much to overcome. Behind an Audrey Koen hat trick, the Bulldogs pulled out a 5-2 victory, winning their fourth straight Hock championship and fifth in the past six years.

“Experience is everything and unfortunately the only way to get it is to get it and to go through it, so I couldn’t have asked for a better balance,” first-year Canton coach Nikki Petrich said about her roster’s blend of youth and experience.

She continued, “Having a more tenured player maybe working with some of the younger girls and walking them through, you’re going to feel this way, you’re going to feel that way, but remember what we do in practice, remember to listen for our voices. It’s been great to have their leadership and experience because big players step up in big games.”

The Bulldogs outshot KP 11-5 in the opening period (and 36-15 for the game), but each Warriors shot was a quality scoring chance.

Nicole McDonald had the first look when she reacted to a loose puck after a face-off and was stopped from close range by Canton goalie Carolyn Durand. McDonald also forced a turnover in the attacking zone and played a pass across the crease to Katarina Precobb, but Durand somehow got across to the far post to make the point-blank pad stop and keep the game scoreless.

“I was like okay it’s 1-0,” Petrich said, thinking about that moment. “Carolyn makes the save and we go down, and to me it’s always transition hockey, but a huge save like that really lifted our team and the momentum to fight some more. Every single game she makes a save like that and we’re able to get energy from it.”

Kelly Holmes would have another good chance for KP after keeping the puck in at the blue line, but Durand got her blocker to it. On the other end, Tori Carr had one of Canton’s best early chances with a steal in the neutral zone and hard shot that KP goalie Mallory Johnston knocked aside. Abby Stock also had a chance from the high slot that forced a glove save.

Things felt even in the early going, but Canton got the game’s first power play and made sure to take advantage of the opportunity. Maya Battista collected the puck just outside the right wing circle and played a diagonal pass across the zone to the back post. Koen was pinching in from the boards and collected the puck, despite a slight deflection, before roofing a shot over Johnston’s glove side from a tight angle.

With the lead, Canton came out of the intermission full of energy. Koen almost doubled the lead after two minutes when she won the puck on the left wing boards, cut hard towards the net, and forced Johnston into a good save.

About 30 seconds later and the Bulldogs did make it 2-0. Freshman Izzy Cusack had her shot from the slot saved. The rebound kicked out in front of Johnston, who attempted to dive out and cover the loose puck, but Cusack stayed with it and was able to slide it past the goalie. KP argued that the whistle had gone to blow the play dead, but the goal stood.

KP continued to create chances. Mara Boldy slipped a pass between a pair of defenders and Holmes was able to slam the puck towards goal, but Durand got the pads down to make sure of the save.

With 9:10 left in the period, KP was back in the game. Holmes intercepted an outlet pass at the blue line and skated in alone on Durand before flicking a shot into the top corner. About a minute later, Canton was back in control. Koen flew down the right wing and rifled a shot just under the bar to make it 3-1 and steal back all the momentum from the hosts.

“I always tell them hockey ebbs and flows like life,” Petrich explained. “I don’t like to say we need another goal, it’s always one shot. To me, when you say a goal, it’s so much pressure. Never get too low, never get too high, so when you come out next shift clear your mind, clear your head, and go after it. For her to score that fast, I couldn’t have written it better.”

The goal sparked the Bulldogs back into life and they dominated the rest of the period, creating a 14-5 edge in shots on goal. Ellie Bohane had a good two tries to extend the lead when she drove towards goal and forced Johnston into a stop and then fired the rebound on net only for the KP goalie to flash a pad out and make the save.

Canton opened up a three-goal cushion with 3:46 left in the second. Anna Lehan came from the right wing and attempted a wrap around that was saved, but the loose puck came right out into the middle where Stock was charging towards goal and the freshman buried the chance.

KP’s hopes of a comeback in the third period were blunted by starting on the penalty kill and Canton wasted no time putting the game away. Koen completed her hat trick just 13 seconds in, whipping a wrister into the bottom left corner and making it 5-1.

The next several minutes were played almost exclusively in the KP zone. The Warriors finally got some chances down the other end of the ice with less than five minutes to play. While falling down, Holmes was able to slide a pass across the crease to McDonald, but Durand made the save. About 30 seconds later, Holmes again drove towards goal and got the puck in front and this time McDonald was able to squeeze it home.

Canton finished with a flourish, getting scoring chances from Cusack and Kayleigh Koen, but the work had already been done. The Bulldogs swarmed Durand at the final horn, having retained their Hock title once again.

“That was more pressure on me, I couldn’t let them down,” Petrich joked when asked about how it felt to bring home a fourth title in a row. “It feels amazing to accomplish that with them in our first year. As I’ve said all year, we’re continually learning from each other. The girls that have been here on the team who know the players and the teams and (assistant coach) Kevin [Cleary] and I and our knowledge of hockey and the teams we’ve played. It’s coming together.”

Canton (11-2-2) will be off until Monday when it faces Archbishop Williams, currently the top-ranked team in Div. 2, and then follows that with a trip to Duxbury, the No. 2-ranked team in the division. King Philip (7-9) will host Arlington Catholic on Monday night.

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Attleboro Avoids Canton Upset Bid in Defensive Battle

Attleboro girls basketball
Lily Routhier knocked down a pair of jumpers in the fourth quarter, helping Attleboro hold off Canton’s bid for an upset of the Kelley-Rex title challengers. (Josh Perry/HockomockSports.com)

Josh PerryFollowJoshPerry

CANTON, Mass. – With just under four seconds left to play in Monday night’s game at the Masciarelli Gym, Samya DaSilva got two hands on a defensive rebound and Canton was able to get a quick timeout to draw up one last play. Down three points and needing to go the length of the court, the attempted baseball pass was picked off near mid-court by Vanessa Ellis (five steals), who dribbled out the clock.

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The steal allowed Attleboro to squeak past the Bulldogs 32-29 in a competitive game that featured plenty of energy and effort but not much offensive flow and even less scoring.

“It’s a ‘W’ in the win column, so I’ll take it, but there’s things we need to work on,” said Attleboro coach Bri Bracken. “We learned a lot and again we’ve just got to play through contact. I think we look a lot for drawing fouls and just go up strong. It’s going to be a long week ahead of us, so we just need to take it day-by-day.”

Canton has lost seven times this season by 10 points or less. In the past two weeks, the Bulldogs have faced the top three teams in the Kelley-Rex and lost by a combined 11 points, while holding all three to under their season scoring marks.

Defense has been Canton’s calling card all season, but the Bulldogs, who graduated a combined 3,100 career points from last year’s roster, haven’t gotten the baskets they need to covert those impressive defensive performances into victories.

“We knew coming into the summer that defense was probably going to have to be something we hang out hat on and at least give us a chance to play with any of the teams,” Canton coach Jim Choquette explained. “In the third quarter we didn’t even give them a field goal, it was just a couple of free throws. The girls work so hard to set screens the right way, run plays the right way to get themselves opportunities.”

Things started out fine for the Bombardiers, who scored nearly half their total points in the opening quarter and jumped out to a 15-7 lead. Avery James buried a three and Kayla Goldrick (10 points, nine rebounds, and four steals) took a long lead pass from Lily Routhier for a quick layup.

Han Hong (five points) grabbed an offensive rebound to get Canton on the board and Erin Beatty followed a Goldrick layup with a put-back that cut the lead to 7-6. It set a pattern, as Canton was aggressive on the glass to limit the Bombardiers to one shot and earn extra possessions on offense. Beatty (four points) would finish with 19 rebounds, including 13 in the first half.

“She might be the best player I’ve ever coached in terms of overall rebounding in her career,” Choquette said of Beatty. “Without those extra possessions that Erin and Emily and all the girls come up with defensively, we’d be in real trouble. Those extra opportunities give us the chance to take extra shots, get back into our sets.”

Attleboro closed the first on an 8-1 run. Routhier (eight points and eight boards), who recorded a triple-double last week, drilled a three and James followed with a tough, pull-up jumper. Merry Bosh then closed the scoring for the Bombardiers by knocking down a deep two for an eight-point lead at the first intermission.

The Bombardiers scored 15 points in the opening eight minutes. Over the next 16 minutes, they managed just two field goals and eight points.

“We were just being too passive,” Bracken said. “Kids were trying to give it to another girl, thinking they may have a better shot. They were trying to be unselfish, but they always play unselfish. There’s a difference between playing passive and unselfish. It was a mess.”

Canton was hardly lighting up the scoreboard on the other end. The Bulldogs would score seven in the second and just five in the third, managing to only cut the first-quarter deficit in half heading to the fourth.

Bosh opened the second with a three to extend the lead to 11, Attleboro’s largest of the night, but those would be the only points for either team until the final 2:30 of the quarter. Beatty again turned an offensive rebound into points, using a nice post move to score. After freshman Tia Williamson got her only basket of the night (off a nice entry pass by Bosh), Jess Wright knocked down a pair at the line and DaSilva (seven points and three blocks) drained a three from several steps behind the line. Attleboro went to the locker room ahead 20-14.

Offense seemed to get even harder to come by after the break. Emily McCabe (five points and nine rebounds) turned a steal into a layup, but the score remained the same until Goldrick made a pair at the line with 3:19 left in the third. A minute later, Hong was able to slice through the lane for a layup and cut the lead to just three, but Ellis would add one free throw (her only point of the night) in the final minute of the quarter.

The fourth quarter almost felt like an offensive explosion compared to the previous two. Mercia Kolokithas drilled a three on a kick-out by DaSilva. Routhier followed with a baseline jumper to go back up three, but then Kolokithas got free from straightaway and nailed a second triple to tie the game at 25-25 with 6:06 to play.

Attleboro finally got a little going on the other end when Routhier restored the lead on another jumper. Goldrick followed with a tough runner in the lane to make it 29-25. Down five with 2:14 to go, McCabe would get a clean look at a straightaway three and brought Canton to within just two points.

DaSilva had a chance to tie the game at the line with 1:38 left, but hit one of two. As the shot clock was winding down 35 seconds later, Goldrick hit the biggest shot of the night, pulling up on the baseline for a short jumper and a three-point lead.

Attleboro was 4-of-8 from the line coming into the fourth, but went just 1-of-8 in the final eight minutes, giving Canton chances to tie, but the Bulldogs couldn’t find the clutch shot and the Bombardiers escaped, pulling even with Franklin in the win column.

Bracken told her team after the final whistle, “You guys need to have confidence in yourself. I know I have confidence in them. We’re a really good team. We have a long road ahead of us but, and I didn’t want to jinx it, us and Franklin are battling right now and you have to keep that in the back of your mind and we need to grind it out. Keep working hard and hustling every game no matter what.”

Attleboro (9-3) travels to Durfee on Wednesday in a game that could have a lot of say in Div. 1 power rankings. Canton (2-10) gets a second look at Notre Dame Academy, which held off the Bulldogs by four points in Hingham in early January.

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