North Pins Down Oliver Ames in Playoff Opener

North Attleboro Wrestling
North Attleboro beat Oliver Ames for the second time this season to reach the D2 South semifinal. (Josh Perry/

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NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. – When North Attleboro and Oliver Ames (3-8) met two weeks ago in their regular season dual meet, the Rocketeers were able to pull out a nine-point win. With five pins in the first seven matches of Friday night’s Div. 2 South opener at the Pickering Gym, North made sure the playoff matchup had far less drama.

The Rocketeers had six pins as a team and rolled to a 50-18 victory to reach the sectional semifinal of the first spring wrestling team tournament.

“I was really happy with the kids’ effort, especially this being the last week of school,” said North coach Geoff Burgess. “No one wants to be in school, no one wants to be at wrestling practice, and they’re hanging tough. We’ve decided to make a run at the sectional and I think we’ve got a pretty good chance. We’re a pretty solid team top to bottom.”

OA coach John McKeon saw the loss as a good learning experience for his team, which is graduating only one senior (as well as a few athletes who played different sports during the spring season).

He explained, “We’re a little beat up. A long season got to us a little bit and we’re a young team and I think we’re looking at the summer a little bit. The kids are still wrestling tough, we’re still working hard in the room. I think it’s closer than the score says. There are some kids who got a little bit of a lesson today too.”

The dual meet started at 132 pounds and North got off to a perfect start with Kyle Dumke earning a second round pin and a quick 6-0 lead. Andrew Faris started quick at 138, building a 7-2 lead after two periods and the 14-4 win earned another four points for the hosts. North broke the meet open with a forfeit win for Ethan Smith at 145 and a first round pin by Chris Galligan at 152 creating a 22-0 lead.

Giovany Juste got the Tigers on the board when he earned a second round pin at 160, but the Rocketeers answered right back. Joe Shephard wasted little time earning a pin in just 42 seconds at 170 and then Greg Berthiaume picked up an important first round pin at 182.

“Greg got pinned by that kid last time,” Burgess said. “He flipped that, so that was a 12-point swing. We swung a couple of big matches for big points. We improved just enough since the last time we saw them to make the matches we lost either closer or flip the matches.”

The match at 195 was one of the closest of the meet. Onye Nwadiugwu had an escape and a takedown to grab a 3-0 lead on Austin Dean in the second round. In the third, Dean managed to escape for his first point of the match and, with the clock winding down, the North wrestler nearly pulled off a takedown to force overtime, but Nwadiugwu held on to get the win.

Kaiden Leary clinched the dual meet for the Rocketeers with a first round pin that made it 40-9 with six matches remaining. It was the fifth pin of the night for North. Keysun Wise kept the home team rolling along with a major victory and four points at heavyweight.

With the meet decided, North elected not to put up a wrestler at 106. Tanner Ferguson added a sixth North pin in a fiery match against Elyor Ruzmatov at 113. Kyle Hardie got one pin back for the Tigers at 120, although it looked for a second that Tyler Tobias might have spun things around and gotten the edge before Hardie countered and got the fall.

In the final match of the night, OA’s lone senior Stavros Constantinov got three takedowns and jumped out to a 6-2 lead after the first round. The score remained the same until the third round when a grip violation by North’s Braxton Ferro made it 7-2. Constantinov gave a point back for stalling, but he was able to wrap up his OA career with one last win.

“The Hock is tough,” McKeon said. “If we wrestled our non-league schedule, our record would be a lot more impressive. We’re a much better team than 3-8, but wrestling in the Hock, there are no givens.”

Burgess was also pleased with the development of a young roster. He said, “Almost this entire team is back next year. So, I think wherever we are at the end of this year will be a great stepping stone for next season and that’s really how we’re treating it, especially with our young guys.”

North Attleboro (10-1) will host third-seeded Hingham in the D2 South semifinal on Monday at noon. “They’re always very good,” Burgess said about facing the Harbormen in a dual meet for the first time in almost two decades. “We never wrestle each other head-to-head. It will be nice to kind of revive that rivalry. We’re excited.”

Hockomock League Outdoor Track Championships 2021

The Hockomock League Championships were held at Foxboro High this past weekend. Below are the team results and the top eight finishers for each event.

Boys Team Results

1. Stoughton – 108
2. Mansfield – 82
T3. Taunton – 71
T3. North Attleboro – 71
5. Attleboro – 65
6. Oliver Ames – 47
7. King Philip – 46
8. Canton – 42
T9. Sharon – 41
T9. Franklin – 41
11. Milford – 33
12. Foxboro – 16

1. Jonathan Chery, Canton – 11.13
2. Kevin O’Connor, Milford – 11.23
3. Patrick McManus, Sharon – 11.26
4. Sean McCombs, King Philip – 11.32
5. Adam Connolly, Foxboro – 11.34
6. Dasean Peters-Wolfe, Mansfield – 11.39
7. Nathan Shultz, North Attleboro – 11.43
8. Jalen Castillo, Stoughton – 11.50

1. Jonathan Chery, Canton – 22.97
2. Nathan Shultz, North Attleboro – 23.27
3. Adam Connolly, Foxboro – 23.36
4. Jordan Emile, Stoughton – 23.38
5. Gavin Weldon, Taunton – 23.42
6. Dasean Wolfe-Peters, Mansfield – 23.43
7. Jalen Castillo, Stoughton – 23.62
8. Alexander McCoy, North Attleboro – 23.89


Hockomock League Outdoor Track Championships 2021

1. Jovan Joseph, King Philip – 50.62
2. Mason Benton, Sharon – 51.60
3. Joseph Soucy, Attleboro – 52.09
4. Cashmere Mathurin, Stoughton – 52.11
5. Tyler Powderly, Franklin – 52.27
6. Alec Hanley, Franklin – 53.21
7. Caden Riley, Mansfield – 53.30
8. Jack Taylor, Mansfield – 53.69

1. Conal Scully, Taunton – 2:00.02
2. Noah Hurd, King Philip – 2:00.42
3. Nathan Seybert, Attleboro – 2:00.54
4. Nathan Reservitz, Oliver Ames – 2:03.91
5. Aidden Fitting, Taunton – 2:06.11
6. Tim Corkery, Mansfield – 2:07.86
7. Mark Butters, Milford – 2:08.46
8. Gabe Soares, Milford – 2:09.75

1 Mile
1. Nicholas Calitri, Franklin – 4:31.02
2. John Blouin, Attleboro – 4:41.97
3. Chris Leonard, Mansfield – 4:43.00
4. Nolan Tavares, Taunton – 4:45.19
5. Joseph Zercie, Franklin – 4:47.43
6. Zachary Oliveira, Taunton – 4:50.59
7. Jack Jansons, Milford – 4:52.18
8. Alexander Pierce, Oliver Ames – 4:53.36

2 Mile
1. Kyle Sarney, Oliver Ames – 9:09.24 (meet record)
2. Owen McMorrow, Oliver Ames – 9:59.39
3. James Comisky, Milford – 10:07.14
4. Neil Bowie, Attleboro – 10:07.38
5. Lee Casstevens, Attleboro – 10:17.41
6. Trevor Flint, Mansfield – 10:23.82
7. Ethan Sylvia, Attleboro – 10:27.69
8. Collin Stevens, Mansfield – 10:29.81

110M Hurdles
1. Jordan Emile, Stoughton – 14.48
2. Elisha Teneus-Claude, Stoughton – 15.83
3. Dylan Buchanan, Mansfield – 16:03
4. William Tinkham, Stoughton – 16.77
5. Kevin Smith, King Philip – 16.91
6. Fabrice Fouron, Oliver Ames – 17.52
7. Andrew Nobrega, North Attleboro – 17.55
8. Ryan Munroe, Mansfield – 18.16

400M Hurdles
1. Steven Westgate, Taunton – 58.04
2. Deyontai Dennis, Canton – 59.52
3. Dylan Buchanan, Mansfield – 59.74
4. Samuel Borst, Milford – 1:01.11
5. Andrew McInnis, North Attleboro – 1:03.06
6. Christian Dadasis, King Philip – 1:03.98
7. Jacob Blazek, Attleboro – 1:04.04
8. Sean Drew, North Attleboro – 1:04.13

4×100 Relay
1. Taunton (Nathan Candido, Almonroe Leaman, GJ Mualis, Gavin Weldon) – 43.78
2. Stoughton (Jalen Castillo, Omare Welch, Shawn Howze, Christian Georges) – 44.50
3. Milford (Keithley Sutton, Jaden Agnew, Kevin O’Connor, Lucas Rocha) – 45.31
4. North Attleboro (Colby Feid, Chamberlain Guthrie Jr., Alex McCoy, Matt Penta) – 45.33
5. Attleboro (Alexander Bakowski, Cashel Stuger, Jordan Rivera Silva, Joseph Soucy) – 45.38
6. Mansfield (Dasean Peters-Wolfe, Isaiah Kinds, Ryan Munroe, Dylan Buchanan) – 45.81
7. Franklin (Cullen Pek, Grady Ellis, Karl Gruseck, Colman Flynn) – 45.96
8. King Philip (Tim Mullen, Kevin Smith, Jack Morgan, Sean McCombs) – 47.16

4×400 Relay
1. Taunton (Edward Paiva, Conal Scully, Aidden Fitting, Steven Westgate) – 3:34.06
2. King Philip (Noah Hurd, Nate Gebhard, Neelam McGrath, Jovan Joseph) – 3:36.20
3. Mansfield (Stephen Saba, Evan Rawlings, Jack Taylor, Caden Riley) – 3:38.23
4. Sharon (Jordan Saks, Patrick McManus, Mason Benton, Balint Mihajlovits) – 3:38.96
5. Franklin (Alec Hanley, Tyler Powderly, Ashton McLean, Joshua Anderson) – 3:40.33
6. Milford (Jack Jansons, Mark Butters, Samuel Borst, Ben Parson) – 3:40.88
7. Stoughton (Jordan Emile, Nathaniel Peters, Alex Huynh, Aris Giatrakos) – 3:41.24
8. North Attleboro (Sean Drew, Andrew McInnis, Matt Penta, Jack MacLaughlin) – 3:41.50

4×800 Relay
1. Franklin (Nicholas Calitri, Joseph Zercie, Griffin Sieckiewicz, Connor Kucich) – 8:34.77
2. Attleboro (Nathan Seybert, Zachary Stromfors, Neil Bowie, John Blouin) – 8:44.69
3. Oliver Ames (Nathan Reservitz, Alexander Pierce, Owen McMorrow, Kyle Sarney) – 8:49.82
4. Mansfield (Talon Johnson, Trevor Flint, Tim Corkery, Chris Leonard) – 8:58.65
5. North Attleboro (Chris Martinez, Kyle Robinson, Evan Tino, Jason Drinan) – 9:01.97
6. Taunton – 9:02.14
7. Stoughton (Jaoa Marotti, Colin Ozturk, Aiden Castillo, Nathaniel Labossiere) – 9:04.73
8. King Philip (Andrew Noke, Jeff Bourque, Eliot Davis, Jackson Fletcher) – 9:26.20

Shot Put
1. Mark Edge, Stoughton – 48-08.00
2. Ike Ogbonnanze, Sharon – 47-02.00
3. Jonathan Vixamar, Oliver Ames – 44-03.50
4. Chris Leonardo, Attleboro – 44-01.00
5. Mark Etienvre, North Attleboro – 44-00.00
6. Sproul Derolus, Stoughton – 43-07.00
7. Jhayvon Salomon, Stoughton – 43-02.00
8. Harry Bullock, North Attleboro – 42-01.00

1. Ike Ogbonnanze, Sharon – 133-04.00
2. Ethan Crosby, Attleboro – 124-07.00
3. Mark Etienvre, North Attleboro – 122-09.00
4. Jonathan Vixamar, Oliver Ames – 118-00.00
5. Harry Bullock, North Attleboro – 110-00.00
6. Brodie Clemente, North Attleboro – 108-07.00
7. Chris Leonardo, Attleboro – 105-10.00
8. William Martin, King Philip – 102-02.00

1. Matt Penta, North Attleboro – 154-05.00
2. Jack Taylor, Mansfield – 147-04.50
3. Nolan Tomaszycki, Taunton – 143-03.00
4. Ethan Gattoni, Attleboro – 140-02.00
5. William Martin, King Philip – 132-00.00
6. Stephen Saba, Mansfield – 129-04.00
7. Owen McGrath, North Attleboro – 128-08.00
8. Harrison Keen, Foxboro – 120-11.00

High Jump

Hockomock League Outdoor Track Championships 2021

1. Elisha Teneus-Claude, Stoughton – 6-07.00
2. Matt Singletary, Stoughton – 6-00.00
3. Steven Westgate, Taunton – 5-10.00
4. Colby Feid, North Attleboro – 5-10.00
5. Declan Walmsley, Franklin – 5-10.00
6. Nathan Shultz, North Attleboro – 5-10.00
7. Dana Johnson, Mansfield – 5-08.00
8. Nathaniel Peters, Stoughton – 5-06.00

Long Jump
1. Jake Wall, Mansfield – 22-08.50
2. Elisha Teneus-Claude, Stoughton – 22-06.25
3. Deyontai Dennis, Canton – 21-11.00
4. Adam Connolly, Foxboro – 21-01.50
5. Patrick McManus, Sharon – 20-10.25
6. Colby Feid, North Attleboro – 20-09.00
7. Cashmere Mathurin, Stoughton – 20-05.25
8. Xavier Manuel, Mansfield – 20-04.50

Triple Jump
1. Omare Welch, Stoughton – 42-11.50
2. Deyontai Dennis, Canton – 42-06.50
3. Cashmere Mathurin, Stoughton – 42-04.75
4. Xavier Manuel, Mansfield – 41-00.00
5. Dana Johnson, Mansfield – 40-03.25
6. Fabrice Fouron, Oliver Ames – 39-01.25
7. Carson Crump, North Attleboro – 38-11.50
8. Degen Granese, King Philip – 38-07.75

Girls Team Results

1. Franklin – 107
2. Mansfield – 83
3. Milford – 75.5
4. North Attleboro – 62.5
T5. Sharon – 50
T5. Taunton – 50
7. Foxboro – 48
8. Oliver Ames – 47
9. King Philip – 44
10. Canton – 42
11. Stoughton – 29
12. Attleboro – 25

1. Jordyn Collins, Foxboro – 12.30
2. Kiyanni Simas, Milford – 12.36
3. Sofia DelVecchio, King Philip – 12.68
4. Wendy Wooden, Sharon – 12.70
5. Talya Mendez-Degraw, Canton – 12.89
6. Colleen Waters, Mansfield – 13.03
7. Meghan Driscoll, Mansfield – 13.12
8. Abigail Scott, Mansfield – 13.17

1. Jordyn Collins, Foxboro – 25.69
2. Wendy Wooden, Sharon – 26.28
3. Camryn Collins, Foxboro – 26.56
4. Kiley Hanlon, Canton – 26.61
5. Shayla Ford, Stoughton – 26.88
6. Ella McDonough, Oliver Ames – 27.09
7. Morgan Zakrzewski, Taunton – 27.17
8. Sydney O’Shea, King Philip 27.18

1. Jillian Fenerty, Franklin – 58.33
2. Nia Mainer-Smith, Taunton – 59.41
3. Caelen O’Leary, Taunton – 59.75
4. Anna Darlington, Mansfield – 1:00.25
5. Cassondra Stuger, Attleboro – 1:00/37
6. Dani Atherton, Milford – 1:00.96
7. Olivia Dias, Taunton – 1:01.05
8. Shayla Ford, Stoughton – 1:01.85

1. Emma Lawrence, Milford – 2:17.00
2. Jenna Gilman, Oliver Ames – 2:23.34
3. Charlotte Majer, King Philip – 2:26.70
4. Emma Dahl, Foxboro – 2:26.94
5. Emersyn DePonte, Taunton – 2:28.74
6. Norah Puleo, Mansfield – 2:29.91
7. Emma Lamson, Mansfield – 2:30.13
8. Phylicia Dias, Taunton – 2:32.34

1 Mile
1. Katie Sobieraj, Oliver Ames – 5:15.33
2. Daphne Theiler, Sharon – 5:23.58
3. Taegen Hodges, Oliver Ames – 5:32.48
4. Diana Blouin, Attleboro – 5:35.13
5. Kiara Cerruti, Canton – 5:35.96
6. Charlene Peng, Franklin – 5:37.38
7. Lily Valcovic, Taunton – 5:41.96
8. Katherine Miller, Mansfield – 5:44.37

2 Mile
1. Tessa Lancaster, Mansfield – 11:50.57
2. Anna Moore, Mansfield – 12:04.10
3. Johanna Holmes, Oliver Ames – 12:11.10
4. Kelly Neuendorf, Attleboro – 12:13.33
5. Angelina Perez, Franklin – 12:15.35
6. Sydney Kalil, Milford – 12:21.25
7. Vivienne Loukota, Franklin – 12:24.65
8. Kate Buban, King Philip – 12:40.95

100M Hurdles
1. Madison Rousseau, Canton – 14.79
2. Milan Simmons, King Philip – 15.98
3. Simone Dunbar, Sharon – 16.26
4. Lindsey Morse, Franklin – 16.47
5. Catherine Madden, Milford – 16.49
6. Annelise Grunewald, North Attleboro – 16.58
7. Olivia Etienvre, North Attleboro – 16.62
8. Sarah Brogioli, Milford – 16.74

400M Hurdles
1. Kerry O’Connor, Milford – 1:05.03
2. Caitlin Dumouchel, Mansfield – 1:06.51
3. Tess Collins, North Attleboro – 1:07.26
4. Anna Cliff, Franklin – 1:10.92
5. Alasia Taylor-Landry, Stoughton – 1:12.45
6. Madison Gaughran, Franklin – 1:12.55
7. Sarah Hilliard, Oliver Ames – 1:13.99
8. Sydney O’Connor, North Attleboro – 1:15.68

4×100 Relay
1. Foxboro (Aislinn Servaes, Camryn Collins, Rebecca Foley, Jordyn Collins) – 50.30
2. Canton (Kiley Hanlon, Talya Mendez-Degraw, Katherine Oliver, Madison Rousseau) – 50.88
3. Mansfield (Abigail Scott, Meghan Driscoll, Erika Penney, Colleen Waters) – 50.90
4. Franklin (Ava Fraulo, Jillian Fenerty, Barra Pfluke, Anna Cliff) – 51.46
5. Stoughton (Ashley Camilo, Daija Dutrieuille, Shayla Ford, Cyrstal Sarblah) – 51.96
6. Milford (Kiyanni Simas, Jenna Mastroianni, Catherine Madden, Sarah Pointer) – 52.02
7. Oliver Ames (Bridget Hughes, Ella McDonough, Jai’Lyn Diaz, Haley Gilman) – 53.04
8. North Attleboro (Chidera Agbanari, Meagan Dowd, Kadence Peri, Carlie Stochl) – 53.81

4×400 Relay

Hockomock League Outdoor Track Championships 2021

1. Milford (Kerry O’Connor, Emma Lawrence, Dani Atherton, Julia Gonzalez) – 4:00.13
2. Taunton (Nia Mainer-Smith, Morgan Zakrzewski, Olivia Dias, Caelen O’Leary) – 4:03.77
3. Franklin (Jillian Fenerty, Anna Cliff, Sarah Dumas, Olivia Costa) – 4:13.10
4. Mansfield (Rosie McIntyre, Brooke Penney, Caitlin Dumouchel, Anna Darlington) – 4:16.62
5. North Attleboro (Haley Carr, Tess Collins, Kailey Lockavitch, Katie Manning) – 4:16.92
6. King Philip (Isabelle Crocker, Grace Crocker, Allison Beltramini, Sydney O’Shea) – 4:17.01
7. Attleboro (Alexis Cincotta, Jahela Douglas, Cassondra Stuger, Rebecca Rainey) – 4:25.04
8. Stoughton (April Richardson, Julie Richardson, Alasia Taylor-Landry, Samantha Tran) – 4:25.40

4×800 Relay
1. Oliver Ames (Taegen Hodges, Emily Meyers, Katie Sobieraj, Jenna Gilman) – 9:59.93
2. Franklin (Angelina Perez, Charlene Peng, Emma Nelson, Liliana Duffy) – 10:31.44
3. Mansfield (Emma Lamson, Norah Puleo, Tessa Lancaster, Meghan Johnston) – 10:37.47
4. Sharon (Carolyn Bayha, Margaret Li, Daphne Theiler, Sierra Robison) – 10:43.18
5. Foxboro (Casey Dahl, Aine Fitzpatrick, Brooke Davies, Emma Dahl) – 10:44.99
6. Stoughton (Nikki Anderson, Elaine McCarty, Avrie Martin, Alexis Medeiros) – 10:47.56
7. Taunton (Phylicia Dias, Olivia Weber, Lily Valcovic, Emersyn DePonte) – 10:49.21
8. Attleboro (Diana Blouin, Madison Ellis, Kacey Parker, Kelly Neuendorf) – 10:52.86

Shot Put
1. Katelynn Taylor, Franklin – 35-11.00
2. Kamsi Igbobi, Attleboro – 33-06.00
3. Lily DeForge, Franklin – 30-09.50
4. Hannah Crocker, King Philip – 30-08.00
5. Carmela Brown, Stoughton – 30-01.00
6. Darby Nicholson, Franklin – 29-11.00
7. Kaylah Seavey, North Attleboro – 29-04.00
8. Nicolle Santos, Stoughton – 28-07.00

1. Katelynn Taylor, Franklin – 108-05.00
2. Arianna Newth, North Attleboro – 96-00.00
3. Lily DeForge, Franklin – 90-06.00
4. Sarah Brogioli, Milford – 90-03.00
5. Megan Burns, North Attleboro – 84-01.00
6. Angela Elias, Canton – 83-07.00
7. Carmela Brown, Stoughton – 81-03.00
8. Alissa Cooke, Mansfield – 77-06.00

1. Hannah McEntee, Taunton – 125-06.00
2. Abby Camelio, North Attleboro – 105-10.00
3. Caitlin Dumouchel, Mansfield – 105-05.00
4. Emily O’Gara, Taunton – 104-05.00
5. Lily DeForge, Franklin – 91-10.00
6. Chloe Byrnes, Foxboro – 91-03.00
7. Maya Ashu, Stoughton – 91-03.00
8. Evalysse Pierce, Milford – 87-06.00

High Jump
1. Olivia Etienvre, North Attleboro – 5-02.00
2. Lindsey Morse, Franklin – 5-00.00
3. Ava Fraulo, Franklin – 5-00.00
3. Annelise Grunewald, North Attleboro – 5-00.00
5. Isabelle Watson, King Philip – 5-00.00
6. Gabriella Julien, Stoughton – 4-10.00
T7. Sarah Brogioli, Milford – 4-10.00
T7. Abigail Griffith, Franklin – 4-10.00

Long Jump
1. Kiyanni Simas, Milford – 17-11.75
2. Simone Dunbar, Sharon – 17-06.00
3. Kerry O’Connor, Milford – 17-03.00
4. Anna Buckley, Mansfield – 16-11.00
5. Talya Mendez-Degraw, Canton – 15-10.50
6. Caitlin Haley, Mansfield – 15-10.00
7. Sofia DelVecchio, King Philip – 15-08.00
8. Heidi Lawrence, King Philip – 15-06.50

Triple Jump
1. Simone Dunbar, Sharon – 37-02.00
2. Olivia Etienvre, North Attleboro – 35-07.75
3. Sydney O’Shea, King Philip – 35-04.50
4. Anna Buckley, Mansfield – 34-02.25
5. Madison Rousseau, Canton – 34-01.25
6. Caitlin Haley, Mansfield – 33-05.50
7. Katelyn Guidi, Franklin – 33-03.25
8. Heidi Lawrence, King Philip – 33-03.00

Hockomock League Outdoor Track Championships 2021

North Bats Come Alive Against Sharon to Tie for First

North Attleboro baseball
North sophomore catcher Aidan Conrad puts the tag on Justin Brown to get an out in the second inning of North’s 11-1 win. (Josh Perry/

Josh PerryFollowJoshPerry

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. – With North Attleboro ace Dennis Colleran toeing the rubber, the Rocketeers know that they typically won’t need a lot of offense to pick up a victory. On Tuesday night under the lights at Community Field, North left no doubt as it racked up double-digit runs for the third straight game.

Click here for a photo gallery from this game.

The Rocketeers scored four times in the first and nine runs through the opening three innings, while Colleran continued his dominant senior season on the mound, to beat Sharon 11-1 in six innings and move back into a first place tie with Oliver Ames atop the Davenport division.

“We’ve been swinging the bats well lately,” said North Attleboro coach Mike Hart. “I think we, like a lot of teams, are finally getting our timing down and getting better at the plate. It was good to be aggressive out there and get some hits early.”

Colleran tossed a perfect top of the first, helped in large part by a diving catch in left by Christian Bates on a sinking liner, robbing Nate Yaffe of a leadoff hit.

North broke the game open in the bottom half. Jared Penta got things started off Sharon starter Dylan Labbe, drilling a double into the stands in left center. Danny Curran and Derek Maceda drew back-to-back walks to load the bases. A wild pitch scored Penta and then Gavin Wells belted a three-run homer into the stands, the first of his career, for a quick 4-0 lead.

Despite facing arguably the league’s best pitcher, Sharon wasn’t giving away at bats and nearly got a run back in the second. Justin Brown reached on an error to start the inning. He stole second and went to third on a passed ball. Wells came up with a big defensive play, grabbing Elliott Pototsky’s grounder and cutting down the runner at home. Pototsky made it to third but third baseman Aidan Weir laid out to grab a soft liner in foul territory to end the threat.

“We really didn’t give him any easy innings,” said first-year Sharon coach Andrew Poliferno. “We made hime work and obviously we knew who we were up against and we knew it was an uphill battle, he’s an excellent pitcher, and we just wanted to battle every inning and make it hard for him and for North. That was our goal and I think we accomplished that.”

After getting out a jam, North went back to work at the plate against Sharon reliever Daniel Fishman. Aidan Conrad singled and stole second, Justin Vecchiarelli walked, and Penta brought in one with a single to center. Curran followed with an RBI single of his own and then Maceda brought in one with a sac fly to left.

Colleran, a Northeastern-commit, seemed to be getting stronger as the game went along. He struck out the side in the third, narrowly missing out on an immaculate inning. The Rocketeers added two more in the bottom of the third, Conrad bringing in Tyler Bannon with a single and then came around to score on a groundout by Vecchiarelli.

JD Rittenberg got Sharon’s first hit of the game, as he dropped a single into right with one out. It ended Colleran’s no-hit streak at 10-1/3 innings over three starts.

North put itself in position to win the game with a run in the bottom of the inning. Bannon brought in Weir with a two-out single to right and it was 10-0. The Eagles could’ve closed up shop for the night, but instead took advantage of some North miscues to get on the board in the fifth. Ben Bouchard reached on an error and was replaced by a courtesy runner. Colby Lentell made it count with an RBI-groundout to extend the game.

“Our positive energy stayed with us,” Poliferno noted, “and I said to the guys that we didn’t dip as the game started to slip away early on. We stayed positive and we kept the energy up and we just kept battling every inning and I think that speaks volumes about the team.”

Rittenberg would get his second hit of the day, this time an infield single to deep short, but Colleran closed out the sixth with his second strikeout of the inning and 10th of the night.

“Dennis has really worked hard,” said Hart. “He’s put in a lot of work to get his velocity up there. It’s not every year that you have someone that’s throwing in the low- to mid-90s consistently. I thought they did a decent job, some of their guys were on the fastball too and ready to hit, but he does have a couple of pitches to complement the fastball and that can get some guys out.”

Joe Hartnett reached on an error to start the bottom of the inning and moved to second on a wild pitch and to third on a Bannon grounder. With two down, Nik Kojoian crushed a line drive into the gap in right center for a walk-off win.

North Attleboro (8-5, 7-2) and Sharon (3-10, 2-7) will face off again on Wednesday afternoon at Community Field. North knows that a win will clinch at least a share of the league title and then the Rocketeers will wait for the result of OA’s game with Stoughton on Friday to determine if they it is a shared title or they win it outright.

“Any time you get the chance to play for the league title it’s great, regardless of what this season has been and what it is,” Hart explained. “We’re here to compete and we’ve got the opportunity, so we’re going to do that and take what comes with it.”

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Chaput, Coyne Lead Canton in Defensive Battle at North

Canton boys lacrosse
Jeffrey Chaput (17) celebrates after scoring his fourth goal of the game, during Canton’s win at North Attleboro. (Josh Perry/

Josh PerryFollowJoshPerry

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. – The Davenport division title race is lining up to be a three-way race that could come right down to the final games of the season. On Wednesday night at Beaupre Field, two of those teams squared off trying to stay unbeaten in league play and keep pace at the top of the standings.

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Jeffrey Chaput scored four times and Dylan Coyne made nine saves to lead Canton to an 8-5 win at North Attleboro in a game highlighted by strong defensive play by both sides.

“It was a big win,” said first-year Canton coach Ryan Quinn. “Our seniors really stepped up and held us together. I’m proud of the way they responded. It was a tough game, physical game, but I thought we were better today.”

North got off to a good start, with Connor Ruppert hitting the post just 90 seconds in. JT Gallagher (seven saves) made a good stop on a long-range shot by Canton’s Jeff Fitzpatrick and then a great check on the edge of the crease by Sam Gugliotta dislodged the ball from Colin Albert and led to a quick North break. Ruppert fed Clayton Billingkoff but his shot went just wide of the cage.

With 5:33 left in the first, the hosts snagged the lead. Billingkoff went to the bounce to beat Coyne and make it 1-0. Brendan Tourgee hit the post for Canton seconds later, but North settled down and doubled its lead with just under two minutes left in the first. Matt Antonetti was able to turn the corner and went up top with his effort for a 2-0 advantage.

The Bulldogs had been struggling to get any rhythm on the offensive end, but used a man-up situation to cut the lead to one before the first break. Chaput fired a shot at Gallagher’s feet, finding the corner and giving Canton momentum.

Tourgee struck the post early in the second and Canton started to get a foothold in the attack. Eamon Kelly turned a steal on one end into a great transition, carrying the ball the length of the field and flipping a pass to Sam Carlino for a low-angle rip that tied the game. Two minutes later, Carlino added his second with a bounced shot on the spin and the Bulldogs took their first lead.

Coyne made a nice stop on a chance by Ruppert and then he was able to deny Will Copley from point-blank range after a turnover on the clear. Gallagher added a nice save before halftime, reading the bounce to deny Carlino a hat trick.

North coach Kevin Young praised his team’s defensive effort. He said, “I know we have good defensemen and today they stepped up. It’s a very inexperienced group and the kids who went in there really filled their role. They played well, they never overextended. Whenever you get a game with two teams under 10 [goals], that’s as good as you can ask for in lacrosse.”

After scoring the final three goals of the first half, Canton added the first two of the third quarter as well. Fitzpatrick got his hands free and fired a man-up goal and then Chaput intercepted a clearance and was able to beat Gallagher with a leaping shot from straightaway.

Just seconds after Coyne made a great kick save, North was able to cut the lead back to two. Antonetti assisted on a man-up rip by Ruppert to make it 5-3. The teams then traded goals in the span of 16 seconds. Tourgee fed Chaput right in front but Jared Vacher won the face-off and Antonetti was able to convert on the other end.

Down by two, North had a great opportunity to get back into the game. Coyne was penalized for a hit with 2:21 left in the third. Defender Sean Connolly stepped into the cage for the rest of the quarter, but the Rocketeers managed only one shot off target in that period and the Bulldogs maintained their lead into the fourth.

“I saw the momentum swing a few different times and frankly I thought it was going to go their way a little more,” Young said. “I thought they were solid moving the ball up and down, in the clear and the ride. I’ve got guys who’ve never seen varsity before and it shows at times, but the guys stepped up and played like old pros.”

Ruppert completed his hat trick with a spin and low shot 90 seconds into the quarter, but Fitzpatrick won the draw and Canton turned it into a quick response. Fitzpatrick got the ball ahead to Carlino who moved it along to Chaput and he fired a quick-release shot into the top corner just 12 seconds after North cut the deficit to one.

“Our attack has a knack for the big goal and the big moment,” Quinn said. “When we need it, they always give it to us.”

Canton sealed the win with 1:58 to play. Tourgee made an interception and the ball ended up in the stick of AJ Thomas for the finish. Coyne made the goals stand up, saving chances from Ruppert and Antonetti and then adding a ninth save just before the minute mark on another low rip by Ruppert.

Quinn said, “Today was all about our goalie and our ‘D’. I’m pumped about our attack, but our goalie and ‘D’ really held it down for us. He’s really the heartbeat of our team. he does a great job communicating for our defense, our defense listens well, and then our attack just finished when we needed it.”

Canton (8-0, 5-0) remained in a tie for first with Foxboro. North Attleboro (5-3, 4-1) dropped one game back in third place. The two teams will meet again on Friday afternoon.

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2021 Hockomock League Girls Lacrosse Preview

2021 Hockomock League Girls Lacrosse Preview
By Staff

2021 Hockomock Girls Lacrosse Preview

EDITOR’S NOTE: Only teams that responded to with information regarding their team and the upcoming season are listed in this year’s preview.


2019 Record: 3-16
2019 Finish: Missed postseason
Coach: Chrissy Quinn

A program that is still developing, Attleboro will be looking for its first league win since 2018 when things get started this spring and the Bombardiers are looking to combine returning players with exciting newcomers to compete with the teams in the Kelley-Rex.

2021 Hockomock League Girls Lacrosse Preview

Senior Hannah Webster and Isabella Salviati are the most experienced attackers on the roster and the Bombardiers will hope that the addition of sophomore Jordan Mooney and freshman Molly Moore will add a different dimension to the offense. Mooney and Moore have already scored half the team’s goals this season. Defensively, senior Carlie Jamieson and juniors Avery Vieira and Ally Haigh are the returning players who give Attleboro a good foundation. Sophomore Ella Stromfors is a newcomer that will give Attleboro depth in defense. Senior Maggie Porecca is back between the pipes this spring and has been busy in the early going with 35 saves in the opening three games.

“We have a lot of potential that we need to work hard to build on this season,” said Attleboro coach Chrissy Quinn. “It is very important that we set our own goals as a team, rather than worry so much about the score at the end of the game. The most important thing is that we continue to stay healthy, remain positive, and celebrate small victories!”


2019 Record: 5-11
2019 Finish: Missed postseason
Coach: Dani Aquino

Canton struggled in 2019, missing out on the postseason, but it was a season of transition with a lot of young players getting their first taste of varsity action. Although they’ve had to wait two years to use that experience, those players are now the core of a Bulldogs team that is looking to make a push up the standings under first-year head coach Dani Aquino.

2021 Hockomock League Girls Lacrosse Preview

Junior midfielder Allie McCabe is a leader on both ends of the field and will be a key part of Canton’s transition game. Junior Tess Khoury will step into a bigger role in the defensive unit with sophomore Erin Beatty making her debut as the starting goalie. Juniors Fay (attack) and Sydney Gallery (defense) will also play more prominent roles this spring with sophomore Emily McCabe stepping in to add energy in the midfield. Senior Kayla Albert is a versatile attacker, who can take advantage of her size to give defenders issues near the cage, and junior Carly Fitzgerald can create scoring chances with her athleticism and tenacity. Sophomore Ella Yeaton and freshman Devan Spinale are exciting additions to the midfield, adding extra speed and creativity in the attack.

“Our outlook this season is to be competitive,” said Aquino. “I want to put up a fight for those crossover Kelly-Rex teams that we play, while taking away necessary lessons and walk off the field better than we walked on. My focus as a coach with this program to conquer the basics and ‘Master the things we can control.’”


2019 Record: 16-8
2019 Finish: Reached Div. 2 State Semifinal
Coach: Kathleen McCullough

The defending Div. 2 East champions have a lot of new faces, including on the bench where former Medfield coach Kathleen McCullough has taken over from (new Mansfield coach) Brittany Sherry, but the expectations don’t change for a program that has dominated the Davenport division, winning the league title in each of the past eight seasons. While the Warriors get to know each other and their new coach, they will still be looking to keep the run of title going this season.

2021 Hockomock League Girls Lacrosse Preview

Foxboro is going to lean on several returning players who had key roles in winning the program’s first sectional title two years ago. Senior midfielder Ella Waryas can control things on both ends of the field and senior attacker Lilly Vey had a breakout sophomore season and is the team’s top returning scorer. Junior Kate Collins joins Vey and Waryas as captains this season and can play as either a midfielder or defender. The Warriors are reloading with a strong sophomore class as well. There are seven sophomores on the roster this season (and also four freshmen), including Paige Curran, Mia Dinunzio, Jenny Gallagher, Maddie Maher, Dylan Rappoli, Grace Riley, and Mya Waryas.

“We are going in with a clean slate and looking at each team as a new team and opportunity to grow and learn,” said McCullough. “We will focus on our game and daily improvement. I look forward to working with this group and having a great season.”


2019 Record: 20-3
2019 Finish: Reached Div. 1 East Semifinal
Coach: Kristin Igoe Guarino

It may have been two years since Franklin last took the field, but the Panthers will have a lot of familiar names on the roster this season and the same set of expectations. Franklin has not lost a league game since 2012 and won the last eight Kelley-Rex division titles (sharing the title with King Philip in 2012). Heading into this spring, even with only three seniors on the roster, the Panthers will be favorites to bring home the league crown yet again.

After missing a lot of 2019 with an injury, senior Katie Jones is ready to lead the attack, while classmate Sydney Hawkins will be the leader in the defensive zone. Junior midfielders Kenzie Baker, Kate O’Rourke, Jackie O’Neil, and Stella Regan were all part of an impressive freshman group that stepped right into the lineup two years ago and are part of a dynamic group that could score a lot of goals this season. Newcomers include sophomores Kaitlyn Carney, Katie Peterson, Lindsay Atkinson, and Jamie Tanner, who just add to the abundance of attacking and midfield options that Franklin boasts. Junior Brigid Earley has taken over in goal and impressed with her athleticism.

“Once we start meshing, I think we will be a very strong team,” said Franklin coach Kristin Igo Guarino. “Offensively, any group of seven players who is in has the potential to be a threat, either as a dodger, feeder or cutter. This group is very dynamic in their stick skill and game sense. Defensively, we are athletic and have some solid leadership.”

King Philip

2019 Record: 12-8
2019 Finish: Reached Div. 1 East Quarterfinal
Coach: Kourtnie Wilder

King Philip is the last team other than Franklin to win a Kelley-Rex division title and the Warriors enter this spring hoping to end the seven-year reign for the Panthers. After two years off, KP returns an experienced group, especially on the defensive side, as it gets ready to challenge for a league championship.

Seniors Peyton Mellman and Caroline Pasquantonio will provide leadership for the Warriors this season and will be counting on a strong junior class to live up to the potential it showed in 2019. Julia Marsden, Lily Brown, Haley Izydorczak, and Colleen Crowther all saw ample playing time as freshmen and will now be expected to take the step up to be regular contributors. Head coach Kourtnie Wilder is hoping that the experience in the defensive end will make the Warriors tough to score against and has three goalies vying for the starting role. On offense, Wilder thinks the Warriors will be “crafty and aggressive.”

Wilder said, “We are excited to be back out on the field and finally playing together again. We have a great group of hard-working student-athletes that are dedicated and eager to get the season started.”


2019 Record: 11-8
2019 Finish: Reached Div. 1 East First Round
Coach: Brittany Sherry

Former Foxboro coach Brittany Sherry will finally get her first season on the sideline at Mansfield and will be getting her first chance to work with a Hornets roster that saw a lot of turnover from two years ago. A couple of exciting newcomers and experience along the back line have Sherry confident that the Hornets can get back to the level that saw them win 11 games in 2019.

2021 Hockomock League Girls Lacrosse Preview

The defensive side will be bolstered by senior Melissa Shanteler, who adds aggression to the back line. Juniors Gabriella Geminiani, Grace Bertolino, and Kayla Doherty will provide depth in defense, while sophomore Caitlin Zajac will get the start in goal in her first varsity season. Seniors Grace Danehy and AnnMarie McCoy provide size on the draws and versatility in the attack. A couple of newcomers will give Mansfield an added boost of playmaking, as sophomore attacker Ava Adam and freshman midfielder Lola Varrichione have the potential to create a lot of goals this spring.

“We’re definitely rusty but the girls are putting in the work to get back to where they were two years ago,” said Sherry.


2019 Record: 6-12
2019 Finish: Missed postseason
Coach: Nicole Culhane

Milford is making the move to the Kelley-Rex division this spring and the Hawks will be hoping that its returning players will be up to the challenge of a new season. There were positive signs in the opening game of the spring, as the Hawks were right in the game with Sharon.

Defense has the potential to be a strength for the Hawks this year with an experienced and athletic group coming back from the 2019 season. Seniors Jillian Michelson, Eva Parsons, and Katie Maietta will lead the team from the back and push the team into the transition as well. Junior midfielder Aislinn Bennett got playing time as a freshman two years ago and now she is looking to step into a bigger role on both ends of the field. Sophomore midfielders Emily Croteau and Carly Haley are newcomers to the varsity roster and will give an added boost of energy and creativity in the attack.

“Our team is growing stronger and stronger every day and it is a truly wonderful thing to witness as their coach,” said Milford coach Nicole Culhane. “I have so much faith in them and I know they are capable of surprising themselves with how much they can accomplish.”

Oliver Ames

2019 Record: 5-13
2019 Finish: Missed postseason
Coach: Gen Rogan

Oliver Ames is making the move to the Davenport division this season and will be looking to jump right into the mix and be competitive with the top teams. The Tigers will hope to make a leap under first-year head coach Gen Rogan, who is very familiar with the league and the competition having been an all-star at Foxboro.

2021 Hockomock League Girls Lacrosse Preview

The Tigers enter the season with nine seniors and six juniors on the roster, so experience shouldn’t be an issue. Seniors Emilee Nuss and Liliana Lozano will be the leaders on the defensive end, locking the opposition down in front of senior Emma O’Donnell or junior Jess Widdop, two vocal and quick goalies that OA can count on. Senior Emma Pereira will patrol the midfield, helping out on the defensive side and then pushing the Tigers forward into the attack. Freshman Taylor McAndrew is a newcomer who could make an instant impact this spring and provide a scoring boost. Versatility and balance will be important as Rogan is hoping that a lot of players will be able to chip in and add to the OA attack.

“I think this season will be a good test to our ability to stay tough and fight through some hard battles,” Rogan said. “We play in a very competitive league, but I have no doubt that this team is up to the challenge and will be exciting to watch this season.”


2019 Record: 12-9
2019 Finish: Reached Div. 1 East First Round
Coach: Shara Ginthwain

Sharon has developed into a program that consistently gets into playoff contention, battling for the second spot in the Davenport division and looking to take the next step to put pressure on perennial league power Foxboro. The Eagles will a few seasoned veterans coming back this spring, but also a lot of newcomers and building that connection on the field will be a key early in this shortened season.

Senior Jenna Goldstein has been a standout in each of her first two seasons on varsity and will have a much bigger role this year, as the team’s primary playmaker. Senior Cass Barbera will lead the attacking unit and her combination with Goldstein will be a key to Sharon’s offensive output. Junior Athena Merck and freshman Anna Hertzel are newcomers that will add a different dimension to the attack. Senior Molly McAlevey is moving into the midfield this season to provide extra speed and athleticism. At the back, seniors Abby Hoffman, Amelia Scappaticci, and Carly Romanow give Sharon an experienced defensive unit in front of new goalie sophomore Tess Letendre.

“We are so excited to have the opportunity to play together this season,” said Sharon coach Shara Ginthwain. “We really look forward to developing team chemistry as the season progresses, as this is the first time many of these girls have played together at this level.”


2019 Record: 8-9
2019 Finish: Missed postseason
Coach: Kerry Northup

Taunton was on the brink of a playoff spot in 2019, coming up just one win shy of qualifying for the postseason and have several players returning, especially in the midfield, to compete with the top teams in the Kelley-Rex division.

Senior Alana Tavares is the centerpiece of the Taunton midfield. The reigning league MVP and Underclassman of the Year has put up big numbers in her first three seasons and the Marist-commit will be counted on to produce a lot of offense again this spring. Senior Anastasia Lajoie joins Tavares in the midfield. Committed to the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Lajoie is another dynamic attacker who gives the Tigers a lot of energy at both ends of the field. Other seniors returning this season include Madison Vigliotti, Rosemary McGrath, Rebecca Berry, and Tori DaRosa. Junior Emily Gannon is back in goal and will be a vocal presence on the defensive side of the ball.

“We are very excited to be back out on the lacrosse field,” said Taunton coach Kerry Northup. “However successful we are with our record this year, we are just happy to be able to get out there again and play the game we love.”

2021 Hockomock League Girls Lacrosse Preview