2018 Hockomock League Girls Swimming All Stars

Below are the official 2018 Hockomock League Girls Swimming All Stars, selected by the coaches in the league.

Hockomock League MVP

Ashley Loomis, Franklin

Hockomock League All Stars

Tiffany Chin, Attleboro
Jackie Lynch-Bartek, Attleboro
Corinne Perry, Attleboro
Elizabeth Saltz, Attleboro
Jessica Hart, Canton
Pam Nelson, Foxboro
Katharine Cashin, Franklin
Kathryn McGuire, Franklin
Ashley Loomis, Franklin
Megan Campbell, King Philip
Sam DeWitt, King Philip
Sam Nasson, King Philip
Morgan Sachleben, King Philip
Callie Sullivan, King Philip
Jessica Sullivan, King Philip
Farah Whichard, King Philip
Claudia Beasley, Mansfield
Jennifer Prior, Mansfield
Alexa Lancisi, Milford
Amber Stearns, Milford
Thalia Puccio, North Attleboro
Erini Rigas, North Attleboro
Caitlin Campbell, Oliver Ames
Aprille Gangi, Oliver Ames
Ava Kelley, Oliver Ames
Morgan O’Hara, Oliver Ames
Makayla Paquin, Oliver Ames
Samantha Streton, Oliver Ames
Fallon Pfeifer, Sharon
Rhia Malhotra, Sharon
Iika Zaniewski, Sharon
Lorna Li, Taunton
Erin Schrama, Taunton

Hockomock Girls Swim Championships – 2018 Results

Hockomock Girls Swimming
King Philip won the team title at the annual Hockomock Girls Swim Championships at Milford High. (Josh Perry/HockomockSports.com)

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Team Results

1. King Philip – 344
2. Oliver Ames – 291
3. Franklin – 243
4. Attleboro – 197
5. Milford – 183
6. Taunton – 169
7. Mansfield – 155
8. Canton – 130
9. Sharon – 116
10. North Attleboro – 107
11. Foxboro – 85
12. Stoughton – 80

Race Results

200-Yard Medley Relay
1. Attleboro (Tiffany Chin, Jackie Lynch-Bartek, Corinne Perry, Elizabeth Saltz) – 1:56.69
2. King Philip (Callie Sullivan, Fahra Whichard, Sam Nasson, Sam DeWitt) – 1:57.89
3. Milford (Alexa Lancisi, Amber Stearns, Kimberly Stochaj, Michaela Blackwell) – 2:01.09
4. Taunton (Angelina Lynch, Lorna Li, Erin Schrama, Marisa Gay) – 2:04.83
5. Mansfield (Claudia Beasley, Ellie Leard, Mairead Shannon, Jennifer Prior) – 2:05.22
6. Sharon (Ilka Zaniewski, Jaylu Wu, Rhia Malhotra, Fallon Pfeifer) – 2:07.24

200-Yard Free
1. Ashley Loomis, Franklin – 1:54.32
2. Elizabeth Saltz, Attleboro – 2:03.20
3. Kathryn McGuire, Franklin – 2:08.39
4. Sam DeWitt, King Philip – 2:09.16
5. Tiffany Chin, Attleboro – 2:09.92
6. Mia Esterman, Oliver Ames – 2:10.36

200-Yard IM
1. Katharine Cashin, Franklin – 2:16.27
2. Aprille Gangi, Oliver Ames – 2:21.37
3. Erin Schrama, Taunton – 2:23.59
4. Fahra Whichard, King Philip – 2:23.99
5. Pamela Nelson, Foxboro – 2:27.82
6. Morgan Sachleben, King Philip – 2:28.51

50-Yard Free
1. Jackie Lynch-Bartek, Attleboro – 26.11
2. Jennifer Prior, Mansfield – 26.17
3. Ava Kelley, Oliver Ames – 26.64
4. Ilka Zaniewski, Sharon – 26.68
5. Angelina Lynch, Taunton – 27.15
6. Catherine DiGiacomo, King Philip – 27.63

100-Yard Butterfly
1. Sam Nasson, King Philip – 1:02.75
2. Samantha Streton, Oliver Ames – 1:02.87
3. Erin Schrama, Taunton – 1:04.06
4. Rhia Malhotra, Sharon – 1:04.31
5. Alexa Lancisi, Milford – 1:04.74
6. Jessica Sullivan, King Philip – 1:07.05

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100-Yard Free
1. Morgan O’Hara, Oliver Ames – 54.33
2. Elizabeth Saltz, Attleboro – 55.82
3. Jennifer Prior, Mansfield – 56.63
4. Callie Sullivan, King Philip – 57.65
5. Katharine Cashin, Franklin – 58.12
6. Ava Kelley, Oliver Ames – 58.74

500-Yard Free
1. Ashley Loomis, Franklin – 5:07.45
2. Kathryn McGuire, Franklin – 5:33.62
3. Megan Campbell, King Philip – 5:36.38
4. Sam Nasson, King Philip – 5:43.10
5. Pamela Nelson, Foxboro – 5:44.98
6. Morgan Sachleben, King Philip – 5:45.54

200-Yard Free Relay
1. Oliver Ames (Ava Kelley, Samantha Streton, Aprille Gangi, Morgan O’Hara) – 1:45.01
2. King Philip (Jessica Sullivan, Morgan Sachleben, Fahra Whichard, Catherine DiGiacomo) – 1:47.00
3. Franklin (Kathryn Chew, Audrey Finn, Katharine Cashin, Ashley Loomis) – 1:47.63
4. Attleboro (Corinne Perry, Tiffany Chin, Jackie Lynch-Bartek, Elizabeth Saltz) – 1:48.43
5. Milford (Michaela Blackwell, Alexa Lancisi, Victoria Monica, Amber Stearns) – 1:48.94
6. Taunton (Angelina Lynch, Marisa Gay, Lorna Li, Erin Schrama) – 1:49.16

100-Yard Backstroke
1. Morgan O’Hara, Oliver Ames – 59.78
2. Samantha Streton, Oliver Ames – 1:03.90
3. Callie Sullivan, King Philip – 1:04.66
4. Alexa Lancisi, Milford – 1:04.77
5. Claudia Beasley, Mansfield – 1:05.39
6. Makayla Paquin, Oliver Ames – 1:05.51

100-Yard Breaststroke
1. Jackie Lynch-Bartek, Attleboro – 1:09.66
2. Fahra Whichard, King Philip – 1:11.06
3. Aprille Gangi, Oliver Ames – 1:16.05
4. Amber Stearns, Milford – 1:17.13
5. Lorna Li, Taunton – 1:17.33
6. Jamie Buckley, King Philip – 1:18.20

400-Yard Free Relay
1. Oliver Ames (Samantha Streton, Ava Kelley, Aprille Gangi, Morgan O’Hara) – 3:47.88
2. Franklin (Kathryn Chew, Kathryn McGuire, Katharine Cashin, Ashley Loomis) – 3:50.86
3. King Philip (Megan Campbell, Sam Nasson, Sam DeWitt, Callie Sullivan) – 3:59.81
4. North Attleboro (Erini Rigas, Ripley Devers, Catherine Sales, Thalia Puccio) – 4:10.23
5. Canton (Maddie Nourse, Brianna Mitchell, Emily Beatty, Brianna Gilchrist) – 4:11.71
6. Milford (Kimberly Stochaj, Kate Donahue, Christine Ballan, Piper Terrill) – 4:24.48

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King Philip Brings Home Hockomock Swimming Title

Hockomock Swimming
The King Philip girls’ swim team made it a school double by winning the Hockomock Swim Championships the day after the boys’ team won its title. (Josh Perry/HockomockSports.com)

Josh PerryFollowJoshPerry

MILFORD, Mass. – The King Philip boys’ team won its second straight Hockomock Swimming Championship title on Friday night and on Saturday the girls made it a school double, adding to their Kelley-Rex division title with the team championship at the league meet.

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KP finished with 317 points, pulling away from Franklin (285 points) and Taunton (282 points) with a second place finish in the final event of the meet, the 400-yard free relay. North Attleboro, the Davenport division champion, and Oliver Ames tied for fourth place with 202 points apiece and Attleboro took sixth on 199.

“Pretty fantastic weekend,” said first-year KP coach Jack Pettine. “The difference between us and the other teams was having a lot of those numbers to take a lot of top placings, in our relays especially.”

He added, “We came into this meet with our times and our seedings for our relays that we knew who we would put in each event. Other teams may have had the times but didn’t have the ability to space out their swimmers the way we could.”

Relays were the key to the boys’ title the night before and it proved crucial for the girls as well. The team of Callie Sullivan, Fahra Whachard, Sam Nasson, and Sam DeWitt took second in the 200-yard medley relay to start the day and the Warriors grabbed the lead for good when Catherine DiGiacomo, Morgan Sachleben, Jessica Sullivan and Whichard won the 200 free relay in a time of 1:49.07.

DeWitt, Nasson, DiGiacomo, and Callie Sullivan took second behind OA in the closing race, the 400 free relay, but it earned the points that sealed the title.

“We told our girls to do the best swim they could have and make sure it counted in the pool,” said Pettine about the message ahead of that final relay. “Those girls had a great race and gave us the times we were looking for heading into the postseason.”

The Tigers jumped from sixth into a tie for fourth with the win in the final relay. Mia Esterman, Aprille Gangi, Makayla Paquin, and Morgan O’Hara came from behind to edge the KP team by a full second. It was the third first place finish of the day for O’Hara, who made quite a splash in her first league meet, also winning the 100 free and the 100 backstroke.

Other swimmers with multiple first place finishes included Attleboro’s Jackie Lynch-Bartek, who won as part of the 200 medley relay and took first in the 200 breaststroke, and Franklin junior Ashley Loomis, who became a three-time Hock champion in both the 200 free and 500 free. Loomis, who is getting looks from Ivy League programs, is also the defending state champion in both events.

“She has a true competitor’s heart,” said Franklin coach Jess Pridham. “She trains like a monster. She trains five or six hours a day and she always has a smile on her face and she always wants to achieve the goals that she sets for herself. She puts her plan in and everything falls into place for her.”

Pridham was asked if that type of work ethic can rub off on teammates. She replied, “The other girls on our team see how skilled, how talented, and how fast she is, but they also see that she puts in the time and the effort. They know the work that she puts in and some them do emulate that.”

One of the more interesting subplots to the season was the success of the Taunton girls’ program under first-year coach Pat King, who volunteered to take over the program when the original coach stepped down just two weeks before the start of the season. The Tigers finished second in the Kelley-Rex and then took third at Saturday’s championship meet, which is their highest finish since joining the league.

“I’ve coached many years, just never coached swimming before,” said King with a chuckle. “They said what do you think? Of course, I checked with my senior daughter (Jennie King) first and asked if it was okay because I didn’t want to screw up her senior year. She said, go ahead, go for it.

“Luckily, I’ve had a bunch of great kids. It was a lot of fun.”

When King was asked what made the Tigers so successful this season, he quipped, “The coach!” He added, “The seniors got a little bit faster from club and maturing physically…and with (eighth grader) Mia [Sinkiewicz] and my daughter and others, it was purely a team effort.”

Like O’Hara, Sinkiewicz marked her Hockomock Championships debut with a first place finish, claiming the top time in the 200 IM. She also finished second in the 100 backstroke (to O’Hara) and was on two relay teams that had top six times.

The day (and the weekend) belonged to King Philip and Pettine admitted that the girls came into Saturday wanting to make sure that the boys’ team did not get all the bragging rights.

He said, “Definitely a little bit of pressure. The boys knocked it out of the park last night. We came in real confident for the girls, but it also helped knowing that the boys pulled it off too.”

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Team Results

1. King Philip – 317
2. Franklin – 285
3. Taunton – 282
4. North Attleboro – 202
4. Oliver Ames – 202
6. Attleboro – 199
7. Milford – 149.50
8. Mansfield – 123
9. Sharon – 106
10. Canton – 98
11. Foxboro – 77
12. Stoughton – 59.50

Race Results

200-Yard Medley Relay
1. Attleboro (Tiffany Chin, Jackie Lynch-Bartek, Corinne Perry, Elizabeth Saltz) – 1:57.86
2. King Philip (Callie Sullivan, Fahra Whichard, Sam Nasson, Sam DeWitt) – 1:58.00
3. Taunton (Mia Sinkiewicz, Jennie King, Lorna Li, Erin Schrama) – 2:01.95
4. Oliver Ames (Makayla Paquin, Aprille Gangi, Mia Esterman, Morgan O’Hara) – 2:04.97
5. Franklin (Isabel Capecci, Megan Lazarek, Lila Kaplan, Audrey Finn) – 2:07.76
6. North Attleboro (Thalia Puccio, Jackie Dirschel, Erini Rigas, Catherine Sales) – 2:09.17

200-Yard Free
1. Ashley Loomis, Franklin – 1:54.91
2. Jackie Lynch-Bartek, Attleboro – 2:05.93
3. Jennie King, Taunton – 2:05.95
4. Thalia Puccio, North Attleboro – 2:06.43
5. Sam DeWitt, King Philip – 2:06.55
6. Kathryn McGuire, Franklin – 2:06.62

200-Yard IM
1. Mia Sinkiewicz, Taunton – 2:16.12
2. Sam Nasson, King Philip – 2:21.87
3. Fahra Whichard, King Philip – 2:26.25
4. Claudia Beasley, Mansfield – 2:28.34
5. Aprille Gangi, Oliver Ames – 2:28.62
6. Megan Lazarek, Franklin – 2:30.46

50-Yard Free
1. Jennifer Prior, Mansfield – 25.91
2. Helen Huang, Franklin – 26.82
3. Corinne Perry, Attleboro – 27.11
4. Erin Schrama, Taunton – 27.32
5. Mia Esterman, Oliver Ames – 27.77
6. Maddie Nourse, Canton – 27.93

100-Yard Butterfly
1. Sam Nasson, King Philip – 1:02.46
2. Corinne Perry, Attleboro – 1:03.81
3. Alexa Lancisi, Milford – 1:05.54
4. Thalia Puccio, North Attleboro – 1:06.31
5. Lorna Li, Taunton – 1:07.60
6. Alexandra Nelson, Foxboro – 1:07.92

100-Yard Free
1. Morgan O’Hara, Oliver Ames – 55.17
2. Jennifer Prior, Mansfield – 56.81
3. Elizabeth Saltz, Attleboro – 56.91
4. Jackie Dirschel, North Attleboro – 57.40
5. Callie Sullivan, King Philip – 58.91
6. Ilka Zaniewski, Sharon – 58.95

500-Yard Free
1. Ashley Loomis, Franklin – 5:10.39
2. Jennie King, Taunton – 5:32.74
3. Kathryn McGuire, Franklin – 5:35.47
4. Sam DeWitt, King Philip – 5:41.95
5. Makayla Paquin, Oliver Ames – 5:44.21
6. Morgan Sachleben, King Philip – 5:48.06

200-Yard Free Relay
1. King Philip (Catherine DiGiacomo, Jessica Sullivan, Morgan Sachleben, Fahra Whichard) – 1:49.07
2. Franklin (Leah Benoit, Audrey Finn, Helen Huang, Ashley Loomis) – 1:49.45
3. Milford (Alexa Lancisi, Amber Stearns, Victoria Monica, Michaela Blackwell) – 1:50.63
4. Taunton (Katherine Werra, Marisa Gay, Kaitlin Gallagher, Lorna Li) – 1:53.82
5. Sharon (Ilka Zaniewski, Jyaleen Wu, Divya Polu, Fallon Pfeifer) – 1:54.49
6. North Attleboro (Angela DeJesus, Meredith Adler, Caitlin Parlon, Katie Gallagher) – 1:56.81

100-Yard Backstroke
1. Morgan O’Hara, Oliver Ames – 1:01.14
2. Mia Sinkiewicz, Taunton – 1:02.65
3. Jackie Dirschel, North Attleboro – 1:04.67
4. Alexa Lancisi, Milford – 1:04.85
5. Callie Sullivan, King Philip – 1:05.23
6. Ilka Zaniewski, Sharon – 1:07.59

100-Yard Breaststroke
1. Jackie Lynch-Bartek, Attleboro – 1:09.91
2. Fahra Whichard, King Philip – 1:10.71
3. Amber Stearns, Milford – 1:17.53
4. Megan Lazarek, Franklin – 1:17.72
5. Jamie Buckley, King Philip – 1:19.70
6. Lindsey Nelson, Foxboro – 1:19.78

400-Yard Free Relay
1. Oliver Ames (Mia Esterman, Aprille Gangi, Makayla Paquin, Morgan O’Hara) – 3:53.23
2. King Philip (Sam DeWitt, Catherine DiGiacomo, Sam Nasson, Callie Sullivan) – 3:54.66
3. Taunton (Erin Schrama, Kaitlin Gallagher, Jennie King, Mia Sinkiewicz) – 3:55.57
4. Franklin (Helen Huang, Kathryn McGuire, Leah Benoit, Ashley Loomis) – 3:55.80
5. Attleboro (Corinne Perry, Tiffany Chin, Jackie Lynch-Bartek, Elizabeth Saltz) – 4:01.02
6. North Attleboro (Thalia Puccio, Erini Rigas, Catherine Sales, Jackie Dirschel) – 4:02.06

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The 2016 Hockomock Girls Swimming All Stars & HMs

Below are the official Hockomock League Girls Swimming All Stars, selected by the coaches in the league.

Hockomock League MVP

Leah Zogby, Franklin

Hockomock League All Stars

Elizabeth Saltz, Attleboro
Tiffany Ha, Canton
Emma Bridges, Foxboro
Ashley Loomis, Franklin
Leah Zogby, Franklin
Colleen Proulx, Franklin
Jennifer Ayotte, Franklin
Helen Huang, Franklin
Molly Brown, Franklin
Fahra Whichard, King Philip
Callie Sullivan, King Philip
Sam Nasson, King Philip
Cara Angelo, King Philip
Claudia Beasley, Mansfield
Jennifer Prior, Mansfield
Alexa Lancisi, Milford
Jackie Dirschel, North Attleboro
Erini Rigas, North Attleboro
Mia Esterman, Oliver Ames
Aprille Gangi, Oliver Ames
Makayla Paquin, Oliver Ames
Emily Zhou, Sharon
Audrey DeSzendeffy, Sharon
Ilka Zaniewski, Sharon
Tara Zhou, Sharon
Jennie King, Taunton
Lorna Li, Taunton

Honorable Mentions

Maddie Nourse, Canton
Lexi Nelson, Foxboro
Megan Lazarek, Franklin
Holland Nievergelt, King Philip
Emily Weiner, Mansfield
Amber Stearns, Milford
Adi Tobias, North Attleboro
Delaney Benton, Oliver Ames
Katie Eckler, Stoughton
Aimee Kistner, Taunton

Franklin Swim Wins First Hock Championship Title

Franklin Swim
The Franklin girls’ swim team claimed the program’s first Hockomock Championship title to cap off an unbeaten league season. (Josh Perry/HockomockSports.com)

Josh Perry

MILFORD, Mass. – After back-to-back seasons of finishing in second place to its league rivals, the Franklin girls’ swimming program brought home its first Hockomock Championship title with a dominating performance on Saturday at the Milford High pool.

The Panthers finished with an overall team total of 383, more than 100 points better than defending champion King Philip’s total of 264. The top five was rounded out by Taunton (230), Sharon (186) and North Attleboro (186).

The championship meet was the culmination of a season of first for the Panthers, who also finished undefeated in the dual meet season and won the Kelley-Rex title for the first time in the seven-year history of the program.

“This is a big deal,” said Franklin swim coach Jess Pridham. “For the last two years we’ve been runners up and I can’t take credit for their talent. I’m just the chessmaster. I put together the best meet possible and their talent has brought us this far.”

It was not that long ago that the Panthers finished a season winless, but a strong crop of swimmers entered the relatively new program and helped raise it to the championship level. Those swimmers are now seniors and capped their final year with Franklin swim with the title.

“There were seven that started together and seven that are finishing together,” explained Pridham, “and to be the Hockomock champions, finally that culmination of their senior year and being able to hang onto it…We talk about our favorite swim memories and I think this will quickly become a fave for them.”

Senior Leah Zogby, who recently signed her National Letter of Intent to swim at Holy Cross, added, “The whole senior group took charge in leading us to the title… I think we’ve really taught the rest of the underclassmen what it means to race and be a team and I can graduate knowing that we’ve left a good feeling behind.”

The Panthers jumped out to a quick start and took control of the meet. After four events, Franklin was ahead by nearly 40 points on second place Taunton. That jumped to a 195-109 lead after the fifth event and the meet turned into a race for second place.

Ashley Loomis was a standout for the Panthers on Saturday. She claimed the 200-yard freestyle title in a time of 1:58.58, which was 13 seconds better than Jennie King of Taunton in second. Loomis added a similarly dominant performance in the 500-yard freestyle, winning with a time of 5:15.49, which was nearly 20 seconds better than Sam Nason of King Philip.

Loomis also was part of the 200- and 400-yard freestyle relay teams that each took first for Franklin.

“We were confident, but we didn’t let that stop us from racing hard and I think that showed in how much we succeeded,” said Zogby about the team embracing the favorite tag that came from winning the dual meet season.

Zogby, who won the 200-yard IM and took third in the 100-yard butterfly, added, “We have a big team, great coaching throughout the year, and you just see kids get better in the pool everyday and that’s rewarding too.”

Depth was a key to the Panthers success in winning the meet title. Franklin had one of the larger teams in the meet and, as Pridham explained, it was not just Zogby or Loomis bringing in first place points, but the ability to score points up and down the roster that helped the Panthers win so decisively.

She said, “We have depth and, yes, we have girls that finish first in the Hockomock and we have girls that finish second and third, but we have a lot of what I like to call clean-up swimmers who come in sixth and seventh and 10th and accumulate points for us.”

When asked what it meant to be the top team in the league, Pridham replied, “In a dual meet we’ve got one other team to compete against but bringing the whole Hock together and being able to compete at everybody’s level…it’s awesome.”

In addition to Franklin swimmers, several others had notable performances in the pool on Saturday. Emma Bridges of Foxboro won both the 100-yard butterfly and 100-yard breaststroke. Tiffany Ha of Canton won the 100-yard freestyle, narrowly beating out Callie Sullivan of King Philip, and finished second in the 100-yard backstroke.

Tara Zhou of Sharon won the 50-yard freestyle, the 100-yard backstroke, was part of the Eagles’ winning 200-yard medley relay team that took first and the 400-yard freestyle team that claimed second place.

Overall Results
Franklin – 383
King Philip – 264
Taunton – 230
Sharon – 186
North Attleboro – 183
Oliver Ames – 149
Foxboro – 136
Mansfield – 132
Canton – 126
Milford – 121
Attleboro – 105
Stoughton – 85

200-Yard Medley Relay
1. Sharon (Emily Zhou, Audrey Deszendeffy, Ilka Zaniewski, Tara Zhou) – 1:59.67
2. King Philip (Callie Sullivan, Fahra Whichard, Holland Niervergelt, Sam DeWitt) – 2:01.89
3. Franklin (Leah Benoit, Colleene Proulx, Leah Zogby, Helen Huang) – 2:05. 42
4. Taunton (Katherine Werra, Jennie King, Loena Li, Aimee Kistner) – 2:05. 53
5. Mansfield (Claudia Beasley, Danielle Shackley, Emily Weiner, Jen Prior) – 2:08.18
200-Yard Freestyle Freestyle
1. Ashley Loomis (Franklin) – 1:58.58
2. Jennie King (Taunton) – 2:11.23
3. Sam DeWitt (King Philip) – 2:12.97
4. Molly Brown (Franklin) – 2:14.07
5. Kaitlin Gallagher (Taunton) – 2:14.33
200-Yard Individual Medley
1. Leah Zogby (Franklin) – 2:20.66
2. Fahra Whichard (King Philip) – 2:25.23
3. Colleene Proulx (Franklin) – 2:27.82
4. Megan Lazarek (Franklin) – 2:28.63
5. Emily Zhou (Sharon) – 2:29.72
50-Yard Freestyle
1. Tara Zhou (Sharon) – 25.92
2. Jen Prior (Mansfield) – 26.44
3. Jennifer Ayotte (Franklin) – 26.94
4. Helen Huang (Franklin) – 27.31
5. Jackie Dirschel (North Attleboro) – 27.56
100-Yard Butterfly
1. Emma Bridges (Foxboro) – 1:03.82
2. Sam Nason (King Philip) – 1:04.17
3. Leah Zogby (Franklin) – 1:04.68
4. Katie Eckler (Stoughton) – 1:06.84
5. Holland Nievergelt (King Philip) – 1:06.96
100-Yard Freestyle
1. Tiffany Ha (Canton) – 57.42
2. Callie Sullivan (King Philip) – 57.90
3. Elizabeth Saltz (Attleboro) – 58.21
4. Jen Prior (Mansfield) – 58.91
5. Jackie Dirschel (North Attleboro) – 59.39
500-Yard Freestyle
1. Ashley Loomis (Franklin) – 5:15.49
2. Sam Nason (King Philip) – 5:34.83
3. Makayla Paquin (Oliver Ames) – 5:41.04
4. Mia Esterman (Oliver Ames) – 5:45.61
5. Jennie King (Taunton) – 5:46.49
200-Yard Freestyle Relay
1. Franklin (Colleene Proulx, Jennifer Ayotte, Helen Huang, Ashley Loomis) – 1:48.59
2. King Philip (Fahra Whichard, Jamie Buckley, Sam Nason, Callie Sullivan) – 1:51.34
3. Taunton (Erin Schrama, Kaitlin Gallagher, Katherine Werra, Aimee Kistner) – 1:52.25
4. Canton (Dasol Lee, Maddie Nourse, Kaitlin McCarthy, Tiffany Ha) – 1:52.51
5. Oliver Ames (Mia Esterman, Delaney Benton, Emily Freeman, Aprille Gangi) – 1:52.64
100-Yard Backstroke
1. Tara Zhou (Sharon) – 1:00.62
2. Tiffany Ha (Canton) – 1:02.51
3. Callie Sullivan (King Philip) – 1:03.73
4. Alexa Lancisi (Milford) – 1:05.62
5. Holland Nievergelt (King Philip) – 1:05.99
100-Yard Breaststroke
1. Emma Bridges (Foxboro) – 1:10.74
2. Fahra Whichard (King Philip) – 1:13.06
3. Megan Lazarek (Franklin) – 1:16.76
4. Colleene Proulx (Franklin) – 1:16.83
5. Loena Li (Taunton) – 1:17.89
400-Yard Freestyle Relay
1. Franklin (Molly Brown, Jennifer Ayotte, Leah Zogby, Ashley Loomis) – 3:54.59
2. Sharon (Tara Zhou, Emily Zhou, Audrey Deszendeffy, Ilka Zaniewski) – 3:58.45
3. King Philip (Holland Nievergelt, Jamie Buckley, Sam DeWitt, Sam Nason) – 4:03.70
4. Taunton (Erin Schrama, Kaitlin Gallagher, Loena Li, Jennie King) – 4:04.53
5. Oliver Ames (Mia Esterman, Delaney Benton, Makayla Paquin, Aprille Gangi) – 4:05.29

Josh Perry can be contacted at JoshPerry@hockomocksports.com and followed on Twitter at @Josh_Perry10.