2019 Hockomock League Golf All Stars

Below are the official 2019 Hockomock League Golf All Stars, selected by the coaches in the league.

Hockomock League MVP

Chris Lavoie, Canton

Hockomock League All Stars

Jack Handy, Attleboro
Chris Lavoie, Canton
Conor Hunter, Canton
William Gefteas, Canton
Michael Leonetti, Canton
Noah Hicks, Foxboro
Dylan Quinn, Foxboro
Jack Paterson, Franklin
Quinten Faro, Franklin
Nate Ihley, King Philip
Michael Matheson, King Philip
Kayla Schuberth, King Philip
Ryan Dow, Mansfield
Jason See, Mansfield
Brian See, Mansfield
Jillian Barend, North Attleboro
Tate Hadges, Oliver Ames
Brad Powers, Oliver Ames
Samuel Becker, Oliver Ames
Ethan Skelly, Sharon

Player of the Week: Jack Paterson, Franklin Golf

Jack Paterson
By HockomockSports.com Staff

Franklin junior Jack Paterson has been selected as the HockomockSports.com Player of the Week, presented by Morse Insurance, for Oct. 13 through Oct. 19. Paterson is the seventh player chosen as Player of the Week for the 2019-20 school year.

Paterson concluded his regular season in style, shooting a round of 76 at Blue Hill Country Club to earn medalist honors at the annual Hockomock Championships. He finished one shot ahead of Mansfield’s Ryan Dow to win the individual title. With Paterson leading the way, the Panthers took third as a team, just a stroke behind Davenport champion Canton and 13 strokes behind first-place Mansfield.

“Jack has had an incredible year and his performance at Hocks really demonstrates just how great he has been,” said Franklin coach Dustin Picillo. “His average which was top three in the league however he played 10 home matches at Franklin Country Club, which is one of the top three hardest courses in our league. His play at Hocks represented what he has done all year — just going out every match and competing regardless of rain or sun or wind. Great finish to a really strong season for our captain.”

Despite windy conditions, Paterson bested the elite field at the Hockomock Championships to round out a strong regular season that saw him average 38.2 per round, which was fourth best in the league. The Panthers went 14-4 this season, heading into Monday’s Div. 1 South sectional tournament.

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The Player of the Week, presented by Morse Insurance, is selected by the HockomockSports.com staff. Nominations can be submitted throughout the week up until Saturday night at midnight. There may be a poll posted on every Sunday with the nominations. The results of the poll influence the selection but do not strictly dictate the decision.


Female Golfers Conquering Hockomock Courses

Female Golfers
Tate Hadges of Oliver Ames (left), Kayla Schuberth of King Philip (center), and Jillian Berand of North Attleboro competed in the Hockomock championship tournament this week. (Ryan Lanigan/HockomockSports.com)

Josh PerryFollowJoshPerry

On Thursday morning at Blue Hill Country Club in Canton, the best golfers in the Hockomock teed it up for the league’s annual championship tournament. Among the league’s elite were three female golfers, seniors Tate Hadges of Oliver Ames, Jillian Berand of North Attleboro, and Kayla Schuberth of King Philip, which several of the coaches believed was the most girls to take part in the tournament in a single season.

Not only did the trio qualify for the tournament, Hadges and Berand were the top golfers on their respective teams and Schuberth’s average score was among the 20 best in the league coming into the week. For each of the three, and for Mansfield’s Ava Haggis who was not at the Hocks but was also one of the league’s top performers this season, being the lone girl on the boy’s team didn’t stop them from reaching their potential.

“I’m so happy when any of the girls play really well,” said Schuberth. “It’s just fun to see some of us dominating the guys’ league. It’s pretty cool.”

“It was weird coming in thinking I’m going to be in one of the top spots on the team and that’s something I hadn’t really done before,” Hadges said. “Coming off a strong summer gave me more confidence to say, yeah I’m a female on an all-boys team but I have the ability to do it and to compete against all of them.”

Each of the girls shared similar experiences of having to overcome the fear of trying out as freshmen. All four were the only girls on the roster from the start and have remained the only girl for all four years. Berand was the first girl to play varsity for the Rocketeers. It is hard enough being a freshman trying out for a high school sport for the first time, but added to that was the trepidation of trying to be accepted as a girl on a boy’s team.

“It was definitely intimidating,” Hadges explained. “Coming into high school was already intimidating for me and then going out for a boys team where I didn’t know what to expect or what I had to do to make the team was scary for me.”

Berand said, “I was definitely a little nervous at first. My freshman year we had seven or six seniors, but I was able to start every match. I proved myself that I was capable golf-wise and it just got better every year.”


It didn’t take long for most of them to find a spot on varsity, proving themselves to be worthy of inclusion in the team’s rotation, regardless of what the expectations were from teammates or opponents. “I think going up to the first tee you’re not expected to do as well because you’re a girl, but once you get into a round it’s been better and it’s nice to exceed expectations,” said Hadges.

All four of the girls spoke highly of their teammates and how their relationship with their teammates had grown closer over the years. It hasn’t been completely smooth sailing, but all four agreed that the risk that they took to try out has been worth it.

Ava Haggis of Mansfield.

“Whenever I’m playing with any of my teammates, they just help me so much not only with my game but mentally, if I’m having a bad day, they’re always there to make sure I stay positive,” Haggis said.

Schuberth said, “I’ve was pretty much on the varsity squad since I was a freshman, so being the underdog and the girl it was tough but it was also a good time. You just work with it. I’m excited to be on a girls’ team next year.”

Berand noted, “Everybody’s been really respectful. I think maybe people are a little intimidated by Tate and Kayla and me because we’re girls and they know we can play. Maybe we’re a little bit of an intimidation factor.”

Hadges admitted that it was not instant acceptance, but that she has developed close relationships with her teammates over the four years of competition. She said, “It took a while, but some of the kids on the team that I’ve played with for four years are some of my best friends now and I think it’s great seeing where we started to where we all are now.”

Having other girls in the league that have gone through similar experiences has helped. Schuberth and Haggis have been good friends for years, and all four have competed with and against each other in various summer tournaments and leagues as well as facing off in the Hock.

“Just having other people to look up to who’ve been through it before was great and having Kayla and Tate and Ava, knowing there’s going to be another girl out there when I go to play is helpful,” Berand said. Hadges added, “It’s more welcoming having another girl there because you’ve gone through the same things they have.”

Haggis said, “Whenever I felt like it was hard for me, I could talk to Kayla and we shared the same difficulties of being the only girl. We’re very competitive against each other too, but in a good way because we always cheer each other on.”

With all four girls among the top golfers in the league, there is hope that their success will inspire more girls to take the leap. Berand and her family started the Girls Independent Golf League (GIGL) at The Links at Mass Golf in Norton. Hadges, Haggis, and Schuberth had all competed in GIGL tournaments and there are leagues that promote playing as a team.

“I’d love to look back in a couple years and see teams of girls competing in the Hock or even seeing a top four and they’re all girls,” said Berand, who has committed to play at St. Francis University. “The more that we promote girls in golf, the more girls will want to play and they’ll see it’s not just a sport for old people and that it can be a team sport.”

“I’m just really happy that girls are becoming more confident in themselves and putting themselves out there because it’s great to see,” said Schuberth, who will be playing at Franklin Pierce next year. “I just want every girl golfer to not be afraid to try out. You can do so well and it’s so good for you to be brave in that way.”

She added, “I want people to be able to see it’s possible. You can go and you can conquer. The confidence is great and I’m hoping more girls aren’t afraid to try out because I was very afraid as a freshman but I’m very happy that I did it.”

All four will be back in action this coming week at the sectional tournaments starting on Monday.

Editor’s Note: In addition to Hadges, Schuberth, Berand, and Haggis, sophomores Caroline Woelfel of Franklin and Rosie Leonard of Sharon and junior Brooke Bulger of Stoughton also played this season.

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Hockomock League Golf Championship Results 2019

Hockomock League Golf Championship Results 2019
Mansfield head coach Chris Hall, junior Ryan Dow, junior Brian See, junior Jason See, and assistant coach Kevin Vartian. (Ryan Lanigan/HockomockSports.com)

The Hockomock League Golf Championship took place on Thursday at Blue Hill Country Club in Canton. Below are the team and individual results.

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1. Mansfield – 238
2. Canton – 250
3. Franklin – 251
4. Sharon – 255
5. Oliver Ames – 257
6. Foxboro – 258
7. King Philip – 267
8. North Attleboro – 271
9. Attleboro – 280
10. Milford – 283
11. Taunton – 298
12. Stoughton – 306

Top 10

1. Jack Paterson, Franklin – 76
2. Ryan Dow, Mansfield – 77
3. Brian See, Mansfield – 79
T4. Conor Hunter, Canton – 81
T4. Nathan Daley, Sharon – 81
T6. Chris Lavoie, Canton – 82
T6. Jason See, Mansfield – 82
T6. Ethan Skelly, Sharon – 82
9. Sam Becker, Oliver Ames – 83
T10. Dylan Quinn, Foxboro – 84
T10. Kayla Schuberth, King Philip – 84


Jack Handy – 87
Brian Houle – 92
Brendan Raymond – 101

Conor Hunter – 81
Chris Lavoie – 82
Will Gefteas – 87

Dylan Quinn – 84
Matt Lathrop – 87
Noah Hicks – 87


Jack Paterson – 76
Quinten Faro – 87
Pat Dolan – 88

King Philip
Kayla Schuberth – 84
Mike Matheson – 89
Nate Ihley – 94

Ryan Dow – 77
Brian See – 79
Jason See – 82

Nick Wemette – 91
Tyler Wetherbee – 95
Ed Madden – 97

North Attleboro
Jillian Barend – 89
Jake Gaskin – 89
Sam Gallagher – 93

Oliver Ames
Sam Becker – 83
Tate Hadges – 85
Brad Powers – 89

Nathan Daley – 81
Ethan Skelly – 82
Andrew Glaser – 92

Max Huminik – 99
Jake Curtis – 100
Patrick Smith – 107

Sean Bunker – 95
Spencer Andrews – 95
Logan Letourneau – 108

Click here for a photo gallery from this event.

Golf: 2019 Hockomock League Preview

2019 Hockomock Golf Preview
Mansfield’s Nate Morreale, who placed first at the Hockomock League Championships last season, is back for the Hornets this season. (Ryan Lanigan/HockomockSports.com)

By HockomockSports.com Staff

2019 Hockomock Golf Preview


2018 Record: 3-12
2018 Hock Championships: 10th Place
Coach: Jon Burre
The Bombardiers bring back four players from last year’s team and have a unique home course advantage at Stone-E-Lea that gives Attleboro confidence that it can make a move up the Kelley-Rex division standings and challenge for a tournament spot.

Senior Jack Handy will be the team leader, providing guidance for the younger players. Fellow senior Ben Wood is a steadying influence and classmate Brian Houle is a consistent player that the team can rely on. Sophomore Brendan Raymond is also back after a solid rookie season and has improved his short game from last year. New to the team this season are senior Joseph Castelli and sophomore Parker Sackett, who is still showing the same consistency but with the potential to shoot lower scores this year.

Attleboro coach Jon Burre said, “One strength as a team is that we play really well at our home course which is unique in that it’s a very get-able course if you know what to hit and where to hit it. Another strength for us is our positive attitude and commitment to the game and our community.”


2018 Record: 11-2 (Davenport Division Champions)
2018 Hock Championships: 6th Place
Coach: Mike Barucci
The Bulldogs have won back-to-back Davenport division titles, their first league titles since 2002, and Canton has the potential to make it a three-peat thanks to a number of returning players and overall depth.

Senior Chris Lavoie will start the season as the team’s No. 1. He is a three-year player coming off a medalist round at the South sectional in 2018. Junior Thomas Singleton is also a three-year player for the Bulldogs and will take one of the top pairings. The sophomore class will provide the depth for the roster, many of them returning after strong rookie seasons. Mike Leonetti, Will Gefteas, and Conor Hunter are all back and their experience as freshmen will make them valuable on the less familiar road courses. Sophomores Nate MacDonald and Andrew Middleton could crack the top eight and junior Owen Donovan has shown great improvement and should see playing time this fall.

“We have a tough start to the season with four of our first five matches on the road, but with five of our eight starters returning from last season we should have the experience to compete at any course,” said Canton coach Mike Barucci.


2018 Record: 7-9
2018 Hock Championships: 4th Place
Coach: Jared Tise
Foxboro narrowly missed out on the postseason last year, but the Warriors bring back and experienced corps and a group of promising younger players that are determined to get into the state tournament picture this fall.

Seniors Noah Hicks and Matt Lathrop will be the team leaders and both are captains for the second year in a row. Hicks keeps the ball in play off the tee and with his irons, allowing him to score low, while Lathrop is great around the green and both with be looking to average sub-40 this season. Junior Dylan Quinn will be the No. 3 player for Foxboro and has the experience to help the promising underclassmen. Junior Luke Davies has shown the potential to be a top-five player this season and sophomore Jack Rounds is making the switch from the gridiron to the links but already looks capable of making an impact for the Warriors.

“As a team, this is the most depth I have had in my five years of coaching,” said Foxboro coach Jared Tise. “They have worked hard over the summer and it has showed in tryouts and the first few practices. We play a very difficult course which works in our favor and most of our team has worked hard on their course management to play it the right way especially in matches.”


2018 Record: 13-5 (Kelley-Rex Division Champions)
2018 Hock Championships: 3rd Place
Coach: Dustin Piccolo
Franklin shared the league title with Oliver Ames last season, earning its first title since 2013 and ending the Tigers’ run of two straight outright Kelley-Rex division crowns. The Panthers are counting on a deep lineup and the development of talented young players to challenge for a second straight championship.

League MVP Matt D’Errico has graduated but there is still a lot of experienced players to count on for the title defense. Junior Jack Peterson averaged a 42 last season as a sophomore and could go even lower this fall, while senior Jake Blaney will give the young roster leadership at the top. Senior Quinten Faro posted a 43 last year after making the cross-country switch from Northern California to Franklin and junior Nolan Norton will be expected to contribute as the Panthers go in search of another title. Sophomore Caroline Woelfel could be poised for a breakout season after featuring in five matches as a freshman.

“In addition to most of our core returning next year, we are excited about the prospects of our practice group from last year,” said Franklin coach Dustin Picillo. “After splitting the Kelley Rex Division we are hopeful that we can put in a solid title defense.”

King Philip

2018 Record: 9-5
2018 Hock Championships: 11th Place
Coach: Myles McHugh
The Warriors have strength in numbers, with 18 players on the roster for the season, and they showed that there is plenty of potential in the side with a season-opening win over an Oliver Ames side that has won six straight league titles.

Seniors Jack Hastry, Kayla Schuberth, Ray Mullin, and Nate Ihley will be the team leaders, providing the necessary guidance and consistency to keep the underclassmen heading in the right direction. Sophomores Mike Matheson, Jarred Curran and Patrick Reardon are all expected to play big roles this season and juniors Kevin Birenbaum and Aidan Gillis will be keeping the pressure on the top eight. Newcomers Timmy Hartwell and Gavin Croke are also going to be in the mix as the Warriors go in search of a first league title since 2011.

“The Hock is a very competitive league so wins won’t come easy, however, this team has depth,” said KP coach Myles McHugh. “At any given match there are seven players that can be the top four scorers and when going to the fifth card, I think we have the advantage. The team and its captains have high hopes and expectations for the season.


2018 Record: 9-7
2018 Hock Championships: 1st Place
Coach: Chris Hall
Mansfield finished two games back of league leaders Oliver Ames and Franklin last year, but the Hornets have their sights set on getting back to the top of the Kelley-Rex division standings this fall thanks to a deep group of experienced golfers.

Seniors Will Stratton and Michael O’Neil will set the tone for the team and lead a very talented group of juniors, including Jason See, Nate Morreale, and Ryan Dow, who combined to win the league championship meet last year. Morreale had the medalist round at that meet. Junior Brian See is also returning this fall. He led the team in scoring average his freshman year but was sidelined all of last year with a back injury. Juniors Ava Haggis and Joe Gormley can add a spark for the Hornets after two years of contributing low scores.

“The Hornets thrive off competition and bring high intensity to every match and practice,” said Mansfield coach Chris Hall, whose team opened the season with a win against defending league champ Franklin. “This group truly embraces their role on the team and push each other to improve every day.”


2018 Record: 4-12
2018 Hock Championships: 7th Place
Coach: Jason Potty

Milford head coach Jason Potty will be looking for some new faces to step up into the starting lineup this season.

The Hawks lost the majority of their scorers from last season so Potty will lean heavily on senior captains Ed Madden and Nick Wemette to lead the way. Madden is the most experienced of the group, factoring into the scoring last year more than any other returning Hawk. Tyler Weatherbee and Jason Luchini, both seniors, also saw time in matches last season and will be important pieces of the puzzle for Milford this season. Sophomore Ronan Fleming has had an impressive preseason so far and should be competing for time in the starting lineup.

“We lost some good golfers from last season and we have a lot of new faces that haven’t seen any of the away courses, which makes it tough,” Potty said. “The kids are doing the best they can and we’re going to figure it out as we go this season.”

North Attleboro

2018 Record: 10-6
2018 Hock Championships: 5th Place
Coach: Steve Nelson
The Rocketeers have eight golfers, including four regular starters coming back from last year’s team that reached the postseason and finished a couple of games behind league champion Canton. This year Big Red will be aiming for a Davenport crown.

Seniors Jillian Barend, Justin Strom, Brett Dusel, and junior Aidan Weir are the four returning starters for North. Barend played in and had her score used in all 16 matches last season and she was the medalist at a match six times. Weir also played all 16 matches last year as a sophomore and that experience will be important this fall. Junior Sam Gallagher and freshman Jake Gaskin are likely to add to the starters in most matches and there is stiff competition to get into the final two spots.

“I expect the team to be very competitive in the Davenport Division of the Hockomock League,” said North coach Steve Nelson.

Oliver Ames

2018 Record: 13-2 (Kelley-Rex Division Champions)
2018 Hock Championships: 2nd Place
Coach: Ryan Riley
Expectations are always high at Easton Country Club, as the Tigers come into 2019 on the back of seven straight league titles, including four in the Davenport and the last three in the Kelley-Rex. Despite a season-opening loss to King Philip and the loss of six seniors from last year’s squad, Oliver Ames is still among the favorites for another league crown.

Senior captains Tate Hadges and Brad Powers are the two key returning golfers for the Tigers. Hadges competed in match play in the women’s amateur and recently won the Tarlow Invitational and that competitive golf experience will be crucial for winning the league. Powers is a steady golfer who limits mistakes and puts the pressure on his opponents. Senior Justin Shapiro and sophomore Jo Jo Gaultier should also step in this year to help add depth to the lineup.

“Oliver Ames is looking to utilize its depth in 2019,” said OA coach Ryan Riley. ”I expect 12-plus members to get an opportunity to play in varsity matches.”


2018 Record: 10-3
2018 Hock Championships: 8th Place
Coach: Thor Van Vaerenewyck
Four starters are back for Sharon this season trying to help the Eagles claim their first league title since 2012. Sharon finished just one game back of Canton in last year’s Davenport title race and the year of experience will be invaluable to try and overcome the Bulldogs this fall.

Senior Andrew Glaser, junior Ethan Skelly, and sophomores Nathan Daley and Eric Carter are the four returning players who will be asked to carry a heavy load for the Eagles this season. Skelly was the team’s low scorer last year, averaging a 37, and he finished tied for 10th in the Div. 2 state tournament. Daley and Carter played in the majority of the matches last year as freshmen and that experience has helped them develop their games and made them invaluable pieces to this year’s lineup.


2018 Record: 0-16
2018 Hock Championships: 12th Place
Coach: Brett Boyd
It was a tough 2018 season for the Black Knights, but with four returning starters and no seniors, Stoughton is looking at a potentially brighter future.

Juniors Max Huminik and Jake Curtis will be the captains this year and both have been regulars on the team for the past two seasons. Huminik will be the team’s No. 1 and is expected to be a leader on and off the course. Sophomore Patrick Smith and Anthony Hearn are both back after contributing as freshmen and they have exciting potential that was shown during the summer months. Freshman Joseph Rush and junior Jonah Hochberg also have the potential of mixing into the lineup this season.

Stoughton coach Brett Boyd said, “With this young nucleus of players, I am really looking forward to what we can produce over the next couple of years!”


2018 Record: 6-11
2018 Hock Championships: 9th Place
Coach: Brad Koneski
The Tigers struggled for consistency at times last year, winning just two of its games against fellow Kelley-Rex division teams, but there is potential in the lineup, including the four returning players.

Senior Sean Bunker will provide the leadership for a relatively young crew. Juniors Kyle Robinson and Spencer Andrews will be important contributors entering the season and sophomore Loran Corcoran is coming off a solid rookie campaign and will be expected to add depth to the squad. Taunton will be hoping this combination can get right into the swing of things against the ultra-competitive division foes that it will see all season.

“We are hoping to improve on our play from last year, and stay competitive in our matches,” said Taunton coach Brad Koneski.

2018 Hockomock League Golf All Stars

Below are the official 2018 Hockomock League Golf All Stars, selected by the coaches in the league.

Hockomock League MVP

Matt D’Errico, Franklin

Hockomock League All Stars

Chris Lavoie, Canton
Thomas Dimock, Canton
Thomas Singleton, Canton
Noah Hicks, Foxboro
Matt D’Errico, Franklin
Kayla Schuberth, King Philip
Nate Ihley, King Philip
Ryan Dow, Mansfield
Jason See, Mansfield
Nate Morreale, Mansfield
Riley Lynch, Milford
Jillian Barend, North Attleboro
Matthew Wanless, North Attleboro
Marcus Costa, North Attleboro
Nolan Donze, Oliver Ames
Liam Barry, Oliver Ames
Thomas Walsh, Oliver Ames
Corey Carter, Sharon
Ethan Skelly, Sharon
Luke Bainton, Stoughton

Honorable Mentions:
Ethan Johnson, Attleboro
Michael Leonetti, Canton
Matthew Lathrop, Foxboro
Quinten Faro, Franklin
Jack Hastry, King Philip
Ava Haggis, Mansfield
Justin Applebee, Milford
Patrick Roberts, North Attleboro
Tate Hadges, Oliver Ames
Max Brody, Sharon
Josh Hough, Stoughton
Jack Giebel, Taunton

Player of the Week – Nate Morreale, Mansfield Golf

Morse Insurance

Nate Morreale
By HockomockSports.com Staff

Mansfield sophomore Nate Morreale has been selected as the HockomockSports.com Player of the Week, presented by Morse Insurance, for Oct. 14 through Oct. 20. Morreale is the seventh player chosen as Player of the Week for the 2018-19 school year.

Morreale led the Hornets to a victory at last week’s Hockomock Golf Championships at Blue Hills Country Club. On a windy, cold day, the sophomore shot a four-over round of 76 to take medalist honors and help the Hornets take home the team title as well. Morreale finished three strokes ahead of classmate Ryan Dow and Corey Carter of Sharon. Jason See added an 85 for the Hornets, who finished with a team total of 240, which was nine strokes better than second place Oliver Ames.

“Nate has been an incredible asset to the program this year,” said Mansfield head coach Chris Hall. “In need of two wins over the last week of the season to qualify for the state tournament, Nate put the team on his back. Nate’s attention to detail and competitive nature are just a few of his exemplary skills. He is only a sophomore and is always looking to improve in order to distance himself from the rest of the competition.”

Morreale also shot well in the final dual meets of the season. He shot a 38, tied with See and fellow sophomore Joseph Gormley in a four-stroke win over division rival Franklin on Tuesday. Morreale also shot the low round of the day, carding a 36, as Mansfield knocked off Oliver Ames by four strokes and Milford by 19 strokes in a tri-meet on Monday. That win pushed the Hornets into third place in the Kelley-Rex. Morreale finished the regular season with a scoring average of 41.5

The Player of the Week, presented by Morse Insurance, is selected by the HockomockSports.com staff. Nominations can be submitted throughout the week up until Saturday night at midnight. There may be a poll posted on every Sunday with the nominations. The results of the poll influence the selection but do not strictly dictate the decision.

Morse Insurance

Oliver Ames Repeats As D2 South Champions

Oliver Ames golf

By HockomockSports.com Staff

For the second straight year, Oliver Ames golf won the MIAA Division 2 South Shore sectional title. The Tigers finished with a team total of 319, which was two strokes better than second place Hopkinton. Last year, OA edged the Hillers by one stroke.

The sectional tournament took place at Easton Country Club and was a shotgun start. Oliver Ames was joined by fellow Hockomock teams Canton, North Attleboro, and Sharon.

Oliver Ames’ Tate Hadges had a team-low score of 78, Nolan Donze and Thomas Walsh each shot 80 and Bradley Powers chipped in with an 81 to pace the Tigers to the win.

Canton’s Chris Lavoie had a terrific day on the links, shooting a 76 to earn co-medalist honors. Lavoie carded a 38 on both the front nine and the back nine, tying Hopkinton’s Ned Dean. Canton finished 10th overall as a team with a 338.

Below are the Hockomock results from the tournament.



1. Oliver Ames – 319
2. Hopkinton – 321
3. Milton – 328
4. Bishop Feehan – 329
5. Sharon – 331
6. Walpole – 333
T7. North Attleboro – 336
T7. Westwood – 336
9. Norton – 337
10. Canton – 338
11. Norwood – 339
12. Medfield – 356
13. Holliston – 357


Chris Lavoie – 76
Tommy Dimock – 96
Thomas Singleton – 88
Mike Leonetti – 84
Mike Gobbi – 99
Conor Hunter – 90

Riley Lynch – 84

North Attleboro
Jillian Barend – 90
Matt Wanless – 80
Marcus Costa – 83
Pat Roberts – 98
Aidan Weir – 87
Justin Strom – 86

Oliver Ames
Nolan Donze – 80
Thomas Walsh – 80
Liam Barry – 83
Tate Hadges – 78
Ryan Brock – 82
Bradley Powers – 81

Ethan Skelly – 78
Corey Carter – 80
Max Brody – 88
Sam Fergenbaum – 95
Nathan Daley – 85