2019 Hockomock League Boys Indoor Track All Stars

Below are the official 2019 Hockomock League Boys Indoor Track All Stars, selected by the coaches in the league.

Hockomock League MVP

Tyler Brogan, Franklin

Hockomock League All Stars

Colin Levis, Attleboro
Will Regan, Foxboro
Tyler Brogan, Franklin
Dylan Kehoe, Franklin
Nicholas Calitri, Franklin
Michael Hagen, Franklin
Michael Griffin, King Philip
Terrell Jacobs-Baston, King Philip
Michael Hargadon, Mansfield
Aidan Sacco, Mansfield
Greg Waters, Mansfield
Joseph Cappelletti, Mansfield
Jack Rivard, Mansfield
Tyler King, Mansfield
Raffi Marzella, Mansfield
Jason Windvogel, Mansfield
Colby Eason, Mansfield
Patrick Heavey, Mansfield
Hugo Lopes, Milford
Joseph Madden, Milford
Omar Jasseh, North Attleboro
Owen Nassaney, North Attleboro
Liam Monahan, North Attleboro
Liam Conway, North Attleboro
Aaron MacDonald, Oliver Ames
Isaiah Stessman, Sharon
Chris Gong, Sharon
David Peters, Stoughton
Colin Rahaman, Stoughton
Jaden Falaise, Stoughton
Sebastien Celestin, Taunton

2019 Hockomock League Girls Indoor Track All Stars

Below are the official 2019 Hockomock League Girls Indoor Track All Stars, selected by the coaches in the league.

Hockomock League MVP

Jada Johnson, Sharon

Hockomock League All Stars

Bronwyn Mahoney, Canton
Lexi Quinn, Foxboro
Bella Pierre, Franklin
Julia Fenerty, Franklin
Samantha Powderly, Franklin
Sydney Hawkins, Franklin
Julia DiGiacomo, Franklin
Abigail Dunne, King Philip
Tessa Lancaster, Mansfield
Amanda Mangano, Mansfield
Grace Fernandez, Mansfield
Margaret Riley, Mansfield
Sarah Flanagan, Milford
Kerry O’Connor, Milford
Sydney Sutton, Milford
Celine Ibrahim, North Attleboro
Vanessa Ibrahim, North Attleboro
Samantha Hawkins, North Attleboro
Lily Wetherbee, North Attleboro
Julia Mechlinski, North Attleboro
Cate Hanewich, North Attleboro
Tess Collins, North Attleboro
Gabby McLaughlin, Oliver Ames
Jada Johnson, Sharon
Elizabeth Lee, Sharon
Victoria Gravel, Taunton
Maggie Sullivan, Taunton
Olivia Dias, Taunton
Nia Mainer-Smith, Taunton
Morgan Zakrzewski, Taunton
Kerla Sylvestre, Taunton

Player of the Week: David Peters, Stoughton Track

Morse Insurance

David Peters
By HockomockSports.com Staff

Stoughton junior David Peters has been selected as the HockomockSports.com Player of the Week, presented by Morse Insurance, for Feb. 17 through Feb. 23. Peters is the 21st player chosen as Player of the Week for the 2018-19 school year and the 11th player in the winter season.

Peters took home the title in the 55-meter hurdles at this past weekend’s All-State Meet at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. He set a personal best with a time of 7.46, edging the second-place finisher from Acton-Boxboro by only 0.01 seconds, to bring home first in his first year racing at the indoor all-state meet. Peters also took part in the long jump, finishing ninth with a leap of more than 21 feet.

“This weekend was huge for David,” said Stoughton track coach Lauren Pinchieri. “We knew that when he was challenged he would rise to success. David exceeds expectations in every single way! It is a pleasure coaching him.”

Peters has been on a roll over the past few weeks, showing steady improvement in his times, while winning the title at the Hockomock Championships and the Div. 3 meet. He won the Hocks with a time of 7.62 and then won the D3 meet with a time of 7.59 before setting a new PR to win at all-states.

This is the second time that Peters has been named Player of the Week. He also earned the honor last May after winning the 110-meter hurdles title at the outdoor D3 meet. Peters went on to finish seventh in the event in the all-state meet two weeks later.

The Player of the Week, presented by Morse Insurance, is selected by the HockomockSports.com staff. Nominations can be submitted throughout the week up until Saturday night at midnight. There may be a poll posted on every Sunday with the nominations. The results of the poll influence the selection but do not strictly dictate the decision.

Morse Insurance

Indoor Track: Hock Results From MIAA All State Meet

David Peters
Stoughton’s David Peters set a new personal record on his way to winning the 55M hurdles. (SHS_CoachJen/Twitter)

The MIAA held its All State championships at the Reggie Lewis Center on Saturday. Below are the team results and individual results from Hockomock athletes.


1. Lowell – 44
12. King Philip -11
12. North Attleboro – 11
16. Stoughton – 10
21. Franklin – 9
23. Mansfield – 8
34. Milford – 5

1. Theo Burba, Newton North – 1:20.41
8. Mike Hargadon, Mansfield – 1:23.76
15. Colin Rahaman, Stoughton – 1:25.20
16. Will Regan, Foxboro – 1:25.25

1. William Cole-French, BC High – 2:30.94
4. Joey Madden, Milford – 2:32.42
11. Jason Windvogel, Mansfield – 2:34.18
14. Nicholas Calitri, Franklin – 2:26.76

1 Mile
1. Michael Griffin, King Philip – 4:16.63
6. Tyler Brogan, Franklin – 4:20.30

55M Hurdles
1. David Peters, Stoughton – 7.46

4×200 Relay
1. Wellesley – 1:29.90
8. Mansfield (Aidan Sacco, Greg Waters, Joe Cappelletti, Jack Rivard) – 1:34.22
12. North Attleboro (Liam Conway, PJ Gilpatrick, Omar Jasseh, Owen Nassaney) – 1:35.88


4×400 Relay
1. Brockton – 3:21.97
11. Milford (Rafaell Feliciano, Ryan Kelley, Hugo Lopes, Joey Madden) – 3:30.89
12. Sharon (Mason Benton, Noah Wieland, Isaiah Stessman, Patrick McManus) – 3:30.97
19. Mansfield (Tyler King, Raffi Marzella, Mike Hargadon, Jason Windvogel) – 3:33.48

4×800 Relay
1. Wellesley – 7:53.16
3. Franklin (Camden Harrinton, Michael Hagen, Dylan Kehoe, Tyler Brogan) – 8:02.94
23. Oliver Ames (Rory McLauhglin, Alexander Ramirez, Nathan Reservitz, Kyle Sarney) – 8:36.59

High Jump
1. Owen Nassaney, North Attleboro – 6-10.00

Long Jump
1. Adam Yang, Acton-Boxboro – 23-05.75
8. Omar Jasseh, North Attleboro – 21-04.00
9. David Peters, Stoughton – 21-01.75
17. Aaron MacDonald, Oliver Ames – 19-11.25

Shot Put
1. Aiden Falty, Innovation Academy – 66-04.25
3. Colbey Eason, Mansfield – 50-09.50
8. Terrell Jacobs-Baston, King Philip – 48-05.00
13. Mark Brown, Taunton – 47-02.00[/column-half-1]

Girls Team Results

1. Wellesley – 55.
3. Sharon – 23
13. North Attleboro – 10
37. Milford – 5
37. Taunton – 5

1. Anna Jordahl-Henry, Wellesley – 39.33
12. Kerry O’Connor, Milford – 41.69

1. Makayla Paige, Tewksbury – 1:29.71
4. Olivia Dias, Taunton – 1:36.49
16. Julia Fenerty, Franklin – 1:47.25

2 Mile
1. Sarah Roffman, Littleton – 10:40.83
19. Lexi Quinn, Franklin – 11:52.28

55M Hurdles
1. Jayla Kitchings, Haverhill – 8.43
4. Elizabeth Lee, Sharon – 8.53

4×200 Relay
1. Lowell – 1:44.46
2. North Attleboro (Celine Ibrahim, Vanessa Ibrahim, Sam Hawkins, Lily Wetherbee) – 1:44.91
4. Milford (Sydney Sutton, Sarah Flanagan, Sienna Pierce, Kerry O’Connor) – 1:45.87
10. Stoughton (Daija Dutrieuille, Gabriela Diaz, Chinazo Odunze, Taleah Gandy) – 1:47.73

4×400 Relay
1. Wellesley – 3:57.25
7. North Attleboro (Sam Hawkins, Celina Ibrahim, Emily Nardelli, Lily Wetherbee) – 4:08.09

4×800 Relay
1. Boston Latin School – 9:22.84
15. Mansfield (Bryn Anderson, Katherine Miller, Grace Doyle, Grace Fernandez) – 9:49.84
19. Franklin (Julia Fenerty, Samantha Powederly, Sydney Hawkins, Riley Fitzpatrick) – 10:07.13

High Jump
1. Anna Jordahl-Henry, Wellesley – 5-08.00
2. Jada Johnson, Sharon – 5-06.00
12. Dreya Martin, Franklin – J5-02.00
19. Gabrielle McLaughlin, Oliver Ames – J5-00.00
19. Sarah Brogioli, Milford – J5-00.00

Long Jump
1. Jada Johnson, Sharon – 18-06.75
12. Lily Whetherbee, North Attleboro – 16-11.00
19. Amanda Mangano, Mansfield – 16-01.00
23. Kerry O’Connor, Milford – 15-03.50

Player of the Week: Jada Johnson, Sharon Track

Morse Insurance

Jada Johnson
By HockomockSports.com Staff

Sharon junior Jada Johnson has been selected as the HockomockSports.com Player of the Week, presented by Morse Insurance, for Feb. 3 through Feb. 9. Johnson is the 19th player chosen as Player of the Week for the 2018-19 school year and the ninth player in the winter season.

Johnson put in a strong performance at the annual Hockomock League Indoor Track Championships this weekend at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. She took first place in three events: the 55-meter hurdles, long jump, and high jump, helping the Eagles take fifth overall (second among Davenport teams) with 60 points.

In the 55-meter hurdles, Johnson took first in a time of 8.43, which was 0.3 better than the second-place runner and 0.4 faster than her time at last year’s championship meet. Johnson then took first in the high jump, clearing five feet, seven inches. The next highest jump was five inches lower.

In her third event of the day, Johnson jumped 18 feet, 3-1/2 inches to win the long jump competition by nearly a foot. Her distance set a new Sharon record as well as a new meet record, breaking the record she set last year. It was also almost a foot longer than her jump at last year’s indoor championships and three inches longer than her jump at the outdoor championships last spring.

Johnson has been a strong performer for the Eagles in both indoor and outdoor track for several seasons. The Eagles were second in the state in Div. 3 last winter, with Johnson taking second in the long jump, fifth in the high jump and third in the hurdles at the state meet. She also finished second in both the long jump and the high jump at last year’s Div. 2 EMass Outdoor Track Championships, which the Eagles won.

The Player of the Week, presented by Morse Insurance, is selected by the HockomockSports.com staff. Nominations can be submitted throughout the week up until Saturday night at midnight. There may be a poll posted on every Sunday with the nominations. The results of the poll influence the selection but do not strictly dictate the decision.

Morse Insurance

Hockomock League Indoor Track Championships 2019

Hockomock League Indoor Track Championships 2019
The Mansfield girls team claimed first place at the Hockomock Championship meet. (Ryan Lanigan/HockomockSports.com)

The Hockomock League Championships were held at the Reggie Lewis Center on Saturday morning. Below are the team results and the top eight finishes for each event. Click here for complete results from Athletic.net.

Click here for a photo gallery from this event.

Boys Team Results

1. Mansfield – 90
2. Franklin – 68
3. Stoughton – 59
4. Sharon – 57
5. North Attleboro – 51
6. Milford – 43.5
7. King Philip – 43
8. Oliver Ames – 30
9. Attleboro – 26.5
10. Taunton – 21
11. Foxboro – 13
12. Canton – 5

55M Dash
1. Chris Gong, Sharon – 6.61
2. Greg Waters, Mansfield – 6.67
3. Liam Conway, North Attleboro – 6.81
4. Junior Sainvil, Canton – 6.82
5. Sean Lehane, Milford – 6.83
6. Colin Levis, Attleboro – 6.86
7. Joe Cappelletti, Mansfield – 6.89
8. Patrick McManus, Sharon – 6.92

1. Colin Levis, Attleboro – 36.66
2. Sebastien Celestin, Taunton – 36.95
3. Hugo Lopes, Milford – 37.04
4. Aaron MacDonald, Oliver Ames – 37.05
5. Dan Knight, Mansfield – 37.40
6. PJ Gilpatrick, North Attleboro – 37.46
7. Daniel Lowey, Foxboro – 37.54
8. Liam Pek, Franklin – 37.57

1. Mike Hargadon, Mansfield – 1:24.80
2. Colin Rahaman, Stoughton – 1:25.03
3. Jason Windvogel, Mansfield – 1:25.13
4. Nathaniel Peters, Stoughton – 1:25.26
5. Camden Harrinton, Franklin – 1:25.32
6. Will Regan, Foxboro – 1:26.05
7. Mason Benton, Sharon – 1:26.34
8. Joey Madden, Milford – 1:26.52

1. Michael Griffin, King Philip – 2:31.15
2. Nicholas Calitri, Franklin – 2:37.47
3. Dylan Kehoe, Franklin – 2:38.03
4. Eric DeLorenzo, King Philip – 2:41.51
5. Michael Mullahy, Mansfield – 2:41.65
6. Jack Clarke, North Attleboor – 2:45.67
7. Nicholas Zaffino, Franklin – 2:47.47
8. Nathan Farkash, King Philip – 2:48.04


1 Mile
1. Tyler Brogan, Franklin – 4:26.69
2. Patrick Heavey, Mansfield – 4:29.02
3. Liam Monahan, North Attleboro – 4:35.57
4. Alexander Staraovoytov, Sharon – 4:39.03
5. Rory McLaughlin, Oliver Ames – 4:40.03
6. Ryan Proulx, Foxboro – 4:40.65
7. Nathan Reservitz, Oliver Ames – 4:44.44
8. Ty Cali, Taunton – 4:45.66

2 Mile
1. Tyler Brogan, Franklin – 9:44.56
2. Michael Hagen, Franklin – 9:47.58
3. Michael Norberg, King Philip – 9:51.73
4. Maxwell Manor, Milford – 9:57.32
5. Paxton Howard, Mansfield – 9:59.08
6. Kyle Sarney, Oliver Ames – 10:03.87
7. Alexander Staraovoytov, Sharon – 10:06.57
8. Cullen Lancaster, Mansfield – 10:16.07

Click here for a photo gallery from this event.

55M Hurdles
1. David Peters, Stoughton – 7.62
2. Marc Davanzo, Sharon – 8.05
3. Isaiah Stessman, Sharon – 8.06
4. Zachary Browne, Milford – 8.15
5. Patrick McManus, Sharon – 8.31
6. Anthony Pizzano, Stoughton – 8.33
7. David Cataloni, Attleboro – 8.34
8. Andrew Faught, Franklin – 8.49

4×200 Relay
1. Mansfield (Aidan Sacco, Greg Waters, Joe Cappelletti, Jack Rivard) – 1:33.04
2. Milford (Sean Lehane, Zachary Browne, Joey Madden, Hugo Lopes) – 1:34.52
3. Attleboro – 1:34.93
4. North Attleboro (Liam Conway, PJ Gilpatrcik, Omar Jasseh, Owen Nassaney) – 1:36.26
5. Taunton (Dylan Kullas, Sebastien Celestin, Javier Valdivieso, Gavin Weldon) – 1:36.29
6. Sharon (Javon Epps, Chris Gong, Ruiheng Bui, Marc Davanzo) – 1:36.39
7. Stoughton (Jalen Castillo, Savion Scott, Shawn Howze, David Peters) – 1:37.09
8. Oliver Ames (Chukwubuikem Akanegbu, Aaron MacDonald, Jared Boone, Sean Flatery) – 1:38.00

4×400 Relay
1. Mansfield (Tyler King, Raffi Marzella, Mike Hargadon, Jason Windvogel) – 3:32.35
2. Sharon (Mason Benton, Noah Wieland, Isaiah Stessman, Patrick McManus) – 3:33.23
3. Milford (Rafaell Feliciano, Joey Madden, Ryan Kelley, Hugo Lopes) – 3:35.97
4. Franklin (Camden Harrington, Daniel Barrow, Alec Hanley, Nicholas Zaffino) – 3:37.86
5. Stoughton (Denis Regis, Colin Rahaman, Evan Connor, Anthony Pizzano) – 3:40.34
6. North Attleboro (Liam Monahan, Liam Conway, PJ Gilpatrick, Skyler Poirier) – 3:42.21
7. Taunton (Edward Paiva, Ty Cali, Nathan Candido, Colin Quinlan) – 3:44.64
8. King Philip (Joshua Smith, Ryan Connor, Noah Hurd, Alexander Hagen) – 3:46.75

4×800 Relay
1. Franklin (Tyler Brogan, Dylan Kehoe, Nicholas Calitri, Michael Hagen) – 8:32.51
2. King Philip (Eric DeLorenzo, Nathan Farkash, Jovan Joseph, Michael Griffin) – 8:37.20
3. Mansfield (Patrick Heavey, Peter Sullivan, Justin Miller, Michael Mullahy) – 8:38.63
4. Foxboro (Trey Lawson, Joe Cusack, Ryan Proulx, Will Regan) – 8:49.05
5. Milford (Chrisopher Berthrong, Anthony DiStauro, Maxwell Manor, Miguel Torres)
6. Oliver Ames (Alexander Ramirez, Rory McLaughlin, Nathan Reservitz, Kyle Sarney) – 8:57.76
7. Sharon (James Kong, Bradley Weiss, Mark Staraovoytov, Alexander Staraovoytov) – 9:01.63
8. Attleboro – 9:14.70

High Jump
1. Owen Nassaney, North Attleboro – 6-04.00
2. Jaden Falaise, Stoughton – J6-04.00
3. Chukwudimma Ikoro, Stoughton – 6-00.00
4. Andrew Williams, Mansfield – 5-10.00
5. Alex Paradise, Attleboro – J5-10.00
5. Tiago Filadelfo, Milford – J5-10.00
7. Ryan Tamasanis, Oliver Ames – J5-10.00
8. Anton Luckett, Milford – 5-08.00

Long Jump
1. Omar Jasseh, North Attleboro – 21-03.75
2. David Peters, Stoughton – 20-11.00
3. Isaiah Stessman, Sharon – 20-06.50
4. Owen Nassaney, North Attleboro – 20-06.00
5. Jaden Falaise, Stoughton – 20-02.25
6. Andrew Faught, Franklin – 20-01.75
7. Aaron MacDonald, Oliver Ames – 19-11.75
8. David Cataloni, Attleboro – 19-11.50

Long Jump
1. Colbey Eason, Mansfield – 52-02.50
2. Terrell Jacobs-Baston, King Philip – 48-01.00
3. Mark Brown, Taunton – 46-04.50
4. Anthony DeCosta, Oliver mes – 43-04.75
5. Chidi Ezuma-Ngwu, King Philip – 42-10.25
6. Quinn Proudler, Oliver Ames – 42-03.00
7. Nico Holmes, Mansfield – 41-03.50
8. Justin Cain, Stoughton – 41-02.00

Girls Team Results

1. Mansfield – 92
2. North Attleboro – 84
3. Taunton – 68
4. Franklin – 65
5. Sharon – 60
6. Milford – 52
T7. King Philip – 22
T7. Oliver Ames – 22
9. Foxboro – 17
T10. Stoughton – 9
T10. Canton – 9
12. Attleboro – 7

55M Dash
1. Sydney Sutton, Milford – 7.34
2. Vanessa Ibrahim, North Attleboro – 7.45
3. Lily Wetherbee, North Attleboro – 7.49
4. Amanda Mangano, Mansfield – 7.53
5. Veronica Wallace, Sharon – 7.55
7. Madison Perry, Oliver Ames – 7.71
8. Daniella Pierre, Franklin – 7.75

1. Kerry O’Connor, Milford – 41.61
2. Sarah Flanagan, Milford – 42.21
3. Avonia Herbert, Sharon – 42.86
4. Kerla Sylvestre, Taunton – 43.26
5. Jillian Fenerty, Franklin – 43.35
6. Morgan Zakrzewski, Taunton – 43.67
7. Tess Collins, North Attleboro – 43.86
8. Gabriela Diaz, Stoughton – 44.16

1. Olivia Dias, Taunton – 1:37.47
2. Nia Mainer-Smith, Taunton – 1:40.61
3. Samantha Powderly, Franklin – 1:42.86
4. Brianna Gibson, Oliver Ames – 1:44.75
5. Maria Sevastos, Mansfield – 1:44.89
6. Lexie Zakrzewski, Taunton – 1:47.11
7. Rebecca Lally, Stoughton – 1:47.66
8. Carolyn Bayha, Sharon – 1:47.85

1. Julia Fenerty, Franklin – 3:08.64
2. Grace Fernandez, Mansfield – 3:10.22
3. Meghan Johnston, Mansfield 3:11.13
4. Maggie Sullivan, Taunton – 3:12.23
5. Bryn Anderson, Mansfield – 3:13.03
6. Abby Hodges, Oliver Ames – 3:13.53
7. Emma Dahl, Foxboro – 3:16.73
8. Alexis Marcolini, Milford – 3:21.98

1 Mile
1. Tessa Lancaster, Mansfield – 5:29.94
2. Catherine Hanewich, North Attleboro – 5:33.
3. Katherine Miller, Mansfield – 5:40.35
4. Grace Doyle, Mansfield – 5:40.73
5. Sydney Hawkins, Franklin – 5:42.77
6. Makayla Griffin, King Philip – 5:43.28
7. Kailey Melito-Santos, Taunton – 5:51.91
8. Chloe Pennacchio, Canton – 5:52.18

2 Mile
1. Tessa Lancaster, Mansfield – 11:49.14
2. Lexi Quinn, Foxboro – 12:01.97
3. Margaret Riley, Mansfield – 12:03.23
4. Kelly Neuendorf, Attleboro – 12:18.62
5. Stephanie Hawkins, North Attleboro – 12:25.98
6. Katrina Walbert, Franklin – 12:26.61
7. Daphne Theiler, Sharon – 12:28.67
8. Caitlin Casey, Franklin – 12:38.24

Click here for a photo gallery from this event.

55M Hurdles
1. Jada Johnson, Sharon – 8.43
2. Daniella Pierre, Franklin – 8.77
3. Elizabeth Lee, Sharon – 8.84
4. Ari Preacher, North Attleboro – 8.93
5. Victoria Gravel, Taunton – 9.08
6. Abigail Dunne, King Philip – 9.16
7. Sabrina Hauer, North Attleboro – 9.17
8. Victoria Priestley, King Philip – 9.69

4×200 Relay
1. North Attleboro (Celine Ibrahim, Vanessa Ibrahim, Samantha Hawkins, Tess Collins) – 1:45.25
2. Milford (Sarah Flanagan, Sydney Sutton, Sienna Pierce, Kerry O’Connor) – 1:46.34
3. Sharon (Avonia Herbert, Elizabeth Lee, Veronica Wallace, Wendy Wooden) – 1:49.52
4. Stoughton (Chinazo Odunze, Marjorie Veliotis, Daija Dutrieuille, Gabriela Diaz) – 1:51.15
5. Mansfield (Zoe Plante, Gabrielle Devlin, Colleen Waters, Kerina Geminiani) – 1:51.64
6. Foxboro (Catherine Dizney, Isabel Hallal, Meghan Murphy, Lindsey Piscitelli) – 1:53.84
7. Taunton (Julia Labrecque, Emily O’Gara, Fabiana Pereira, Marissa Desir) – 1:54.01
8. Oliver Ames (Madison Perry, Tatum Perry, Zoe Chazan, Haley Gilman) – 1:55.85

4×400 Relay
1. Taunton (Nia Mainer-Smith, Morgan Zakrzewski, Kerla Sylvestre, Olivia Dias) – 4:12.68
2. North Attleboro (Celine Ibrahim, Samantha Hawkins, Emily Nardelli, Tess Collins) – 4:14.06
3. Franklin (Daniella Pierre, Jillian Fenerty, Riley Fitzpatrick, Lauren Jackson) – 4:20.62
4. Mansfield (Maria Sevastos, Mikaela Maughn, Alexis Kiyanda, Meghan Johnston) – 4:23.07
5. King Philip (Grace Crocker, Isabelle Crocker, Liliana Rolfe, Abigail Dunne) – 4:25.45
6. Sharon (Ariella Levy, Carolyn Bayha, Samantha Connors, Mia Iacovella) – 4:48.24
7. Milford (Juliana France, Isabella Peniche, Stephanie Goulet, Liz Baza) – 4:48.67
8. Oliver Ames (Maeve Hogan, Mitzi Crowe, Ava Lerman, Gabrielle McLaughlin) – 4:50.98

4×800 Relay
1. Franklin (Julia Fenerty, Samantha Powderly, Sydney Hawkins, Julia DiGiacomo) – 10:05.79
2. Mansfield (Bryn Anderson, Grace Doyle, Grace Fernandes, Katherine Miller) – 10:09.75
3. Taunton (Kailey Melito-Santos, Lexie Zakrzewski, Tatyana Mainer-Smith, Maggie Sullivan) – 10:35.22
4. North Attleboro (Stephanie Hawkins, Catherine Hanewich, Marta Botelho, Allison Carter) – 10:46.08
5. Foxboro (Emma Dahl, Jill Finn, Lexi Quinn, Emily Stelle) – 10:50.63
6. Milford – 10:59.78
7. King Philip (Makayla Griffin, Brianna Quirke, Ryenn Hart, Ava Pisani) – 10:59.86
8. Oliver Ames (Brianna Gibson, Lydia Uhlar, Abby Hodges, Abbey Boyce) – 11:03.51

High Jump
1. Jada Johnson, Sharon – 5-07.00
2. Dreya Martin, Franklin – 5-02.00
3. Amanda Mangano, Mansfield – 5-00.00
4. Gabrielle McLaughlin, Oliver Ames – 4-10.00
5. Ari Preacher, North Attleboro – 4-10.00
6. Paige Berdos King Philip – 4-08.00
7. Jillian Fenerty, Franklin – 4-08.00
8. Sasha Hyacinthe, Stoughton – 4-08.00

Long Jump
1. Jada Johnson, Sharon – 18-03.50
2. Lily Wetherbee, North Attleboro – 17-08.00
3. Kerry O’Connor, Milford – 16-11.50
4. Victoria Gravel, Taunton – 16-10.00
5. Amanda Mangano, Mansfield – 16-07.00
6. Avonia Herbert, Sharon – 16-04.50
7. Abisola Olaogun, Attleboro – 15-05.50
8. Celine Ibrahim, North Attleboro – 14-09.50

Shot Put
1. Julia Mechlinski, North Attleboro – 38-06.00
2. Bronwyn Mahoney, Canton – 31-08.00
3. Bailee Ziolkowski, King Philip – 31-04.00
4. Sthanisha Moreau, Taunton – 31-00.00
5. Grace Simone, Oliver Ames – 30-11.50
6. Delaney Sherman, North Attleboro – 30-02.00
7. Avery Knous, Franklin – 29-10.00
8. Kerina Geminiani, Mansfield – 29-09.50

Click here for a photo gallery from this event.

Attleboro’s Daggett Twins Leap Into Season at Stonehill

Daggett Twins
Attleboro twins Ashley and Courtney Daggett (with Stonehill coach Dan Schwartz) started high jumping together in middle school and are now in the midst of their final season as college jumpers. (Stonehill College Athletics)

Josh PerryFollowJoshPerry

In middle school, twin sisters Ashley and Courtney Daggett took part in an after-school track program run by the Attleboro YMCA. At one of the sessions, they were given the opportunity to try high jumping for the first time. Nearly a decade later, they are still jumping together.

The Attleboro High grads are entering their final indoor and outdoor seasons at Stonehill College looking to extend the program’s dominance in the NE-10 (six straight conference championship meet titles) and taking advantage of a few more months competing with each other.

“It can get pretty competitive at times,” Courtney said in a phone call during their winter break, “but we’ve basically had now seven, going into our eighth year, competing at the same event. It’s changed into a respect for each other…to be better. Between Ashley and I, the competition just keeps pushing us to clear another bar and pushes us to improve our jumping.”

Ashley added, “We’re teammates but we’re also sisters, so to have the memories to look back on and we have each other to lean on when we have bad meets or good meets because we know everything we’ve been through to get to this point.”

High jump is definitely a family affair for the Daggetts. Their father Tim was also a jumper at Attleboro High and their grandfather competed at North Attleboro. So, when the YMCA offered the twins a chance to learn the event in the summer before freshman year of high school it was only natural that they jumped right in and, as it turned out, it was a perfect fit.

“It’s a very unique event and I think with all the sports I played growing up I never found that one I loved,” Ashley explained. The twins took part in gymnastics, softball, and dance. High jump combined aspects of each of those sports and the sisters were instantly hooked. “it was something that just came to us so easily that it would’ve been a missed opportunity if we didn’t see it through and see what we could do with it.”

She continued, “The feeling of going over the bar and landing on the mat and having the bar still be up is just indescribable. Everything just clicks in the moment and that’s the best feeling ever.”


The sisters joined the Bombardiers and became standouts. While Ashley was out with a stress fracture during their sophomore season, Courtney cleared four feet, 11 inches “out of nowhere,” breaking her personal record (PR) by three inches. It was the moment that she realized collegiate high jump was a possibility.

“That was the moment, for me, that I was like, ‘wow, I’m pretty good at this,’ and it started clicking,” she said. “It sort of gave me that confidence to give me the confidence to keep on going and know that there’s something in you to keep working towards.”

In their senior season, the duo finished one-two at the Hockomock League Track and Field Championships. “That was the icing for our careers in high school because that’s a really cool thing to do,” Courtney said. “Everything just happened perfectly.”

As would be expected for identical twins, there are a lot of similarities between their jumping styles. Ashley said, “We’re like a lot of power jumpers, using the speed to get up and then once our hips are over the bar we don’t have a lot of arch and snap. Courtney has more of a pop and is more fluid, but I have a little more arch and snap just not as much as most jumpers.”

When it came time to pick colleges, the twins didn’t initially plan to attend the same school but both wanted to compete in the NE-10 and Ashley explained, “We also thought that it wouldn’t be the best being in the same conference but on other teams. We’re as competitive as it is being on the same team, working towards the same goal, but being on separate teams would be a change.”

While the styles are the same, how the sisters have gotten to their results has been very different.

As she did in high school, Courtney makes massive gains on her PR and then works to get back up to that level. She landed five feet, 5.25 inches during the indoor season and then hit five feet, 7.25 inches during outdoor. Both stand as program records. Ashley is more of a consistent performer, who gradually builds up her PR (five feet, 4.25 inches for indoor and five feet, three inches for outdoor) at smaller increments.

Ashley said, “I challenge her to be more consistent and have confidence in each height and she challenges me not to underestimate myself and how high I could potentially go.”

The sibling rivalry is still there, but years of competing together (and as part of a team of six jumpers at Stonehill) has added perspective on how important it has been to go through this journey together.

“It’s made our bond a lot stronger,” Ashley reflected. “We’re a lot better understanding each other’s perspective. You’re part of their process in some way to help make them better.” A good example is that teammates typically avoid Courtney when she is preparing for her next jump. Ashley is the lone exception. She said, “Being twins, we really understand each other and when you need something the other one is there to give that confidence boost.”

Stonehill will be seeking two more NE-10 track titles in the coming months and the twins are focused on staying unbeaten in championship meets to close out their careers. Courtney said, “At Attleboro we weren’t really competitive as a team, so that’s been different having people depend on you to get points and to place and I’m just really grateful to have been a part of it.”

Through all their success, including being named to the USTFCCCA All-East Region teams last year (Ashley for indoor and Courtney for outdoor), all the struggles when jumps weren’t landed, or the injuries that slowed them down at various points in their careers, both sisters insist everything has been better because they have accomplished it together.

“We’ve been on this ride together since we learned to high jump,” Courtney explained. “So we can say things to each other that teammates wouldn’t be able to say. We can be brutally honest with each other but it just makes it all worth it. We’ve pushed each other to our limits.”

Stonehill will be back in action on Jan. 12 at the Beantown Challenge hosted by Harvard at the Gordon Indoor Track.

2018 Hockomock League Boys Indoor Track All Stars

Below are the official 2018 Hockomock League Boys Indoor Track All Stars, selected by the coaches in the league.

Hockomock League MVP

Jonathan Shultz, North Attleboro

Hockomock League All Stars

Tyler Brogan, Franklin
Dylan Kehoe, Franklin
Michael Griffin, King Philip
Kevin Crawford, Mansfield
Jared Dickmann, Mansfield
Jareme DiLorenzo, Mansfield
Mike Hargadon, Mansfield
Patrick Heavey, Mansfield
Nick Horn, Mansfield
Nick Hyland, Mansfield
Dan Knight, Mansfield
Sean Lanzillo, Mansfield
Kevin McCree, Mansfield
Jackson Murphy, Mansfield
Kalin Petrov, Mansfield
Aidan Sacco, Mansfield
Mike Shannon, Mansfield
Greg Waters, Mansfield
Patrick Brogioli, Milford
Jack Kalil, Milford
Joey Madden, Milford
Mario Bresko, North Attleboro
Jonathan Shultz, North Attleboro
Matt Tarantino, North Attleboro
Jack MacAdam, Oliver Ames
Jason Windvogel, Oliver Ames
Chris Gong, Sharon
Ritchy Laguerre, Stoughton
Jadin Bruneau, Taunton
Jacob DeAndrade, Taunton

2018 Hockomock League Girls Indoor Track All Stars

Below are the official 2018 Hockomock League Girls Indoor Track All Stars, selected by the coaches in the league.

Hockomock League MVP

Jessica Kroushl, Franklin

Hockomock League All Stars

Lexi Quinn, Foxboro
Halle Atkinson, Franklin
Nicole Clermont, Franklin
Emma Clifford, Franklin
Julia Fenerty, Franklin
Ella Gutkowski, Franklin
Katherine Hartnett, Franklin
Sydney Hawkins, Franklin
Lauren Jackson, Franklin
Jessica Kroushl, Franklin
Abby McKeown, King Philip
Bryn Anderson, Mansfield
Madison Haughey, Mansfield
Amanda Mangano, Mansfield
Leanne Kibbee, Milford
Kerry O’Connor, Milford
Christina Speliakos, Milford
Angela Kaiser, North Attleboro
Rachel LaBonte, North Attleboro
Julia Mechlinski, North Attleboro
Elizabeth Peckham, Oliver Ames
Avonia Hebert, Sharon
Jada Johnson, Sharon
Shira Stoller, Sharon
Ariadne Tolay, Sharon
Angela Wallace, Sharon
Veronica Wallace, Sharon
Olivia Dias, Taunton
Victoria Gravel, Taunton
Maggie Sullivan, Taunton
Samantha Tichelaar, Taunton